Student Loans and BAföG

Loans are available for various phases of your studies. In addition to BAföG, several public institutions offer low interest loans to students who either do not qualify for the BafÖG or are unable to work while studying. The purpose of these loans is to help students successfully complete their studies. 


BAföG refers to the law regulating financial support for students at secondary schools or universities. Applications for BAföG can only by submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the Munich Student Union. There you can also receive advice and assistance on how to apply for BaföG. For the confirmation of credits or other issues specifically concerning your degree program, please contact the student office or departmental student academic advising office of your school or department.

Here you can find an overview of contact persons at your school or department (please login with your TUM ID).

For students in advanced semesters: Students who have successfully completed the intermediate examinations or a comparable mid-point of their degree program can apply for an educational loan through the German state. More

For your last semesters: Students in the last two to four semesters of their studies (depending on the degree program) can apply to the loan association of the Bayerischen Studentenwerke for a loan to help them as they complete their studies. More

The loan office of the bavarian student unions offers a nonrevolving loan to cover important expenses related to your studies - from research material to deposits or tuition fees during your semester abroad. More

Loans from private banks

Get informed: Student loans are also available through private banks. We recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly before taking out a private student loan. 

For your first semester: Students can apply loan at the start of their studies directly to the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). More