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The Technical University of Munich is one of the most successful start-up universities in Europe.

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Ideas from researchers and students evolve into companies whose sustainable approaches transform our society and economy. We help founding entrepreneurs take advantage of these opportunities. These entrepreneurs combine economic success with ecological and social responsibility using innovative technologies and business models.

Every single day researchers and students have ideas for technologies that ease the burden on our climate and environment, improve our health and provide assistance to those in need. We help these researchers and students develop these ideas into practical products. The entrepreneurial spirit of founding entrepreneurs thus accelerates the sustainable transformation of our society.

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Founded companies in 2022
TUM Venture Labs
Unicorns from TUM researchers & alumni

We offer founders the best support for starting technology companies. A key to our success is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among our researchers and students. Thinking outside the box, being creative and innovative, taking risks and learning from failures, and tackling problems proactively is important for any career in today's dynamic and technology-driven world.

With the comprehensive action concept, we are steadily expanding our activities to promote start-ups. Together with its associated institute UnternehmerTUM GmbH, TUM offers a wide range of start-up consulting, research and qualification services as well as a strong network for founders.

TUM Venture Labs

Our new entrepreneurial innovation centers drive technology-based spin-offs at the intersection of engineering, natural and life sciences, AI/IT and medicine. Become part of the TUM Venture Lab initiative to further develop your business ideas and get started with your venture.

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