Strategy and Excellence Development

To accelerate the academic excellence and the entrepreneurial mindset for continuous change throughout the entire university, the Strategy and Excellence Development team supports the President in the future-oriented and internationally benchmarked development of TUM’s research, innovation and education agenda.

Tasks and objectives

  • Development, implementation and advancement of strategies, support platforms and structures to promote brand-building interdisciplinary collaborative research, transformative innovation as well as integrated teaching and life-long learning programs
  • Advancement of the reform measures initiated under the Excellence Initiatives I and II (2006–2018) and execution of the Excellence Strategy as part of TUM Agenda 2030
  • Systematic status quo and benchmark analyses and preparation of data-driven forecasts for the planning and implementation of effective measures for the strategic development of the university and evaluation of progress
  • Evaluation of schools and scientific institutes and recommendation of development prospects as part of an agile quality management


Dr. rer. pol.
Sandra Kröner

Tel: +49 89 289 25206


Technical University of Munich
Strategy and Excellence Development
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Dr. sc. ETH Zürich
Alessandro Baldi

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Dr. phil.
Martin Eberl

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Dr. phil.
Thomas Erthel

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Dr. rer. nat.
Anna-Katharina Freund (born Wirth)

Tel: +49 89 289 22813

Dr. phil.
Linda Wimmer
Deputy Head

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Administrative Support

Sandra Garcia

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