Certificate, Diploma & Co.: Final Graduation Documents of the TUM

Congratulations, you have successfully finished your degree program! When you graduate, you receive a series of documents that list your final grade, certify your academic degree, and provide future employers with further information on your university degree. On this page, you can find out how you will receive these documents and what information they contain

Please note: The following information applies to graduates of bachelor’s and master’s programs. To graduates of the diploma program which is phasing out, please inform yourselves about graduation documents at General Diploma Examination Regulations – ADPO

Important Notice

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the corresponding ministerial directives, teaching and examinations as well as administrative processes at TUM are currently operating under restrictions.

  • Notifications are available electronically in TUMonline.
  • Preliminary Certificates, Graduation Documents and other confirmations are issued as before, and can by sent by post upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email. Our opening hours are suspended until further notice. Please also refer to www.tum.de/corona regularly to get the latest reports on the situation and relevant measures.

The date of completion (= date of certificate) is the date of the last successfully passed examination and/or fulfilled degree requirement, often a colloquium or oral defense of your thesis (confer § 25 (1) General Academic and Examination Regulations).

In accordance with § 18 subsection (1) APSO students must be enrolled in the respective program until completion and submission of the final thesis (Bachelor's Thesis or Master's Thesis). This also applies if the period for writing the thesis was extended for reasons beyond a student’s control.

For all other exams, however, the time up to the first week of lectures in a semester is part of the exam period of the previous semester. Therefore, enrollment until the end of the previous semester is sufficient to take exams in this period. For exams which take place until the end of the first week of classes of the new semester, re-enrollment is not mandatory. This is also true for the mandatory colloquium (Bachelor) or mandatory presentation (Master) usually associated with a final thesis. Students who have submitted their final thesis in the previous semester therefore do not have to be enrolled for a colloquium or presentation which takes place until the end of the first week of classes.

Learn more about withdrawal  after a successfully completed progam

As soon as your last degree requirement has been recorded in TUMonline, you need to check all the data relevant for your final documents: Your personal data, the allocation of your credits, the title of your thesis. Confirm to the Academic Programs Office of your department or school, that all the data in TUMonline is correct. The Central Examinations Office will then issue your final documents.

As soon as your documents are ready to be handed out to you, you will be notified by post or via email. This is the first official notification regarding your degree. Retain this document in a safe place; it may be required at a later date for certain official matters, such as applying for a child allowance. We can also send you your final documents via registered mail:

You can also authorize another person to collect your final documents. In this case, please fill in the autorization form and send it to the central examinations office at your campus. The form can also be provided by the authorized person upon collection of the documents.

Degree Certificate

Contents:  overall grade, academic title as well as grade and topic of the bachelor’s or master’s thesis
Language: German and English
Date: date of the last successfully passed examination and/or fulfilled degree requirements (confer § 25 (1) General Academic and Examination Regulations)
Signed by: Chairperson of the Examination Committee

Certificate Annex (grading table)

Content: overview of your individual grades showing your rank among the other graduates of the same degree program.
Language: German and English
Signed by: not signed


Contents: certification of the awarded academic degree (e.g., Bachelor of Sciences, Master of Sciences). You may first bear the academic title after the diploma has been issued to you (confer § 26 General Academic and Examination Regulations).
Language: German and English
Date: same as listed on the certificate
Signed by: President of the TUM

Diploma Supplement

Contents: Information on the university degree and the qualifications that the degree entails, as well as information on the bearer of the certificate.
Language: English
Date: same as listed on the certificate
Signed by: Chairperson of the Examination Committee

Transcript of Records (ToR)

Contents: documentation of the student’s academic performance listed in accordance to a European-wide standard

  • successfully completed courses and modules
  • ECTS-credits
  • grades

Language: German and English
Signed by: Chairperson of the Examination Committee and member of staff of the responsible Central Examination Office

You can file an application for a preliminary degree certificate at your responsible Examination Office. As a rule, the preliminary certificate can be issued immediately when the overall grade and date of certificate are certain.

The preliminary certificate contains the following information:

  • date of graduation
  • academic degree program
  • date of certificate
  • academic title (to be borne only after the final diploma has been received)
  • overall grade

The Central Examination Office at the Campus Weihenstephan issues certified copies of official graduation documents, that have been acquired at TUM. To obtain a certified copy, you must present the original document at the Certification Office on Campus Weihenstephan.

TUM Certification Office
Central Examination Office
Campus Weihenstephan
Alte Akademie 1
85354 Freising

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8.30 - 12.00

Contact us via email: studium(at)tum.de. As subject of the e-mail, please include "Beglaubigungsstelle Weihenstephan" and your TUM matriculation number.

The following fees apply:

  • for diploma, degree certificate, transcript of records and diploma supplement: € 5 (in total)
  • for the grading table: € 5

You may also obtain certificates of authentication at any seal bearing institution, for example your local Regional Administration Office (Kreisverwaltungsreferat) or city hall.

Confirmed transcript of records may be obtained at any time from your responsible Central Examination Officer at your respective campus.

The Central Examination Office at the Weihenstephan campus may issue replacement documents in case of loss or damage of the official final documents acquired at TUM.

Please use the request to issue replacement documents.

If you have final documents from different degree programs, please use a separate application form for each program.

Please send the application by e-mail to studium(at)tum.de. As subject of the e-mail, please include "Beglaubigungsstelle Weihenstephan" and your TUM matriculation number.

A flat processing fee of 25,-€ will be charged per application.

Replacement document office for final documents of TUM

Central Examination Office
Weihenstephan Campus
Alte Akademie 1
85354 Freising

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday, 8.30 - 12.00