If you have received a suspension, this means that you cannot enroll for the next semester for the time being. There can be different reasons for this. On this page you will learn how a suspension can occur and how you can have it lifted.

What is a suspension?

The suspension means that enrollment for the next semester is not possible for the time being. The reason can be found in TUMonline.

The enrollment suspension is imposed when a circumstance occurs that prevents further study.

The University will impose a suspension until students submit proof that the circumstance has been removed.

Students are then required to submit proof as soon as possible so that the suspension can be lifted.

What should I do if I got a suspension?

Please inform yourself in TUMonline about the reason for your suspension and how you can remove it.

Only when correct proof has been submitted (see below) can the suspension be removed and your studies continued.

Until when can the suspension be lifted?

A suspension is imposed for the following semester and should be lifted by the beginning of the semester if possible.

The suspension can be lifted up to a maximum of five weeks after the start of lectures (enrollment deadline). After that, enrollment for the semester is no longer possible.

What can I do if I have been disenrolled because of the suspension?

If the suspension has not been lifted by the start of the semester, you will be disenrolled.

The disenrollment can be lifted upon request via email if the reason for the suspension has been removed.

Please send an e-mail to studium(at) with the request for the disenrollment to be lifted, the document of proof (see below) and a transfer receipt for the semester fee. The disenrollment can be lifted up to a maximum of five weeks after the start of lectures (enrollment deadline).

What are the possible reasons for a suspension?

A suspension can result from a number of different reasons. These are the most common ones:

Your health insurance company has reported that you no longer have student health insurance there or your insurance status has changed.

Please inform your new health insurance company that you have been admitted to TUM and wish to study there. As soon as the statutory health insurance company can confirm your insurance status, it will be transmitted electronically to TUM and your suspension will be lifted.

Your health insurance company has reported that you have not paid your health insurance fees or have not paid them in full.

Please pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible. The health insurance company will automatically notify TUM when the fees have been paid. Then the suspension will then be lifted.

You have started your studies abroad due to the Corona pandemic and have applied for an exemption from the obligation to have health insurance.

In order to lift the suspension, please send in either a renewed exemption confirmation or an insurance certificate from your German health insurance via e-mail. Please be sure to read the information on this page carefully:

You have received additional requirements from your department. If you have passed the exams, the suspension will be lifted.

For more details and requests for deadline extensions, please contact your department's student academic advisor. You can find the contact persons in the search field in the right margin column on this page.

You have started a degree program and have committed to submit proof of a completed internship within a grace period.

The suspension may be lifted if you have completed the internship and submitted proof to your department.

For questions regarding the internship and the lifting of the suspension, please contact your department's student academic advisor or internship administrator.

You have been provisionally enrolled in a Master's degree program and still need to submit graduation documents from your Bachelor's degree.

The suspension will be lifted when you have submitted the graduation documents in the correct form. Please check in your application account in TUMonline (see which documents are missing and whether they should be submitted as verified copies by mail.