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Our upcoming event highlights


Exhibition opening “The Gift”

Wed 2/28/2024

TUM Architecture Museum

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition and to lectures on the background and problems of architectural gifts.


TUM Open Campus

Fri 1 - Fri 3/22/2024

Munich, Weihenstephan, Garching, Straubing

Our campus locations open their doors to all prospective students, with campus tours and workshops. Register now!


Workshops: AI meets foreign language teaching

Wed 6 - Fri 3/8/2024

Munich (main site)

The Language Center invites you to an exchange and discussion: How do we use AI in language teaching and autonomous learning? Register now.


TUM Dialogue

Fri 3/15/2024, 11:30 - 13:00


In the new TUM Dialogue events, President Thomas F. Hofmann meets with employees to discuss current issues. Join in live!

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What drives us: President Thomas F. Hofmann about TUM

Research and innovations for society, innovative teaching and continuing education: This is how we shape a sustainable future, relying on the intelligence of the entire university and working closely with global partners to do so.

Our research goals

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Understanding the essential foundations of life

We explore which fundamental forces and mechanisms shaped the universe and how its galaxies, stars and planets developed - and how life originated.

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Maintaining health and targeting diseases

How will we treat serious illnesses in the future and how can we make reliable diagnoses more quickly? We address these questions with the latest technologies and methods.

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Shaping a sustainable living environment

We combine all our expertise to slow down climate change and create sustainable places to live and work.

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Creating new materials and manufacturing technologies

High-precision sensors on a quantum basis and new systems for storing energy - we develop digital manufacturing technologies and sustainable process engineering.

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Pioneering digital transformation for a secure future

We develop secure digital technologies that make life and work easier. Our goal is to find solutions to questions of digital change and to constantly drive them forward.

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Responsible research and innovation in service of society

The technological progress that we help to shape should benefit people and society in the sense of "human-centered engineering".

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Students walking through the entrance hall of the newly finished building for the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on the Garching campus (Image: Andreas Heddergott / TUM).

Schools and Research Centers

Our schools and research centers are connected across disciplines to drive groundbreaking research and educate the talent of tomorrow.

Dr. Silke Maurer, Chief Operating Officer (COO) MTU Aero Engines, studied Mechanical Engineering at TUM - Image: Astrid Eckert

"The students here learn to see the bigger picture"

Silke Maurer, alumna and top-level manager

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