Academic Coaching

During your studies there are times when not everything runs as smoothly as planned. Sometimes you do not pass an exam, other times the sheer amount of learning material seems unmanageable, or time is running out. We support you in all situations where you are not making the progress in your studies that you would like. Our team advises you in challenging times - so that you can successfully get through your semester and your studies.

Situation in Ukraine

Dear students,

if the current situation in Ukraine is stressful for you or raises questions regarding your studies, please contact solidarity(at)

Here you will find further support and psychological counseling.

All the best!

Talk to us!

We are here to support you during  these challenging times. Therefore, please contact use as usual by Email for any issues you might want to discuss:

We are happy to arrange a coaching session by phone or videochat

Reasons for an academic coaching can be

  • General learning difficulties
  • Language and cultural hurdles
  • Feelings of self-doubt and of being overwhelmed by the workload
  • Stress and anxiety in exam situations
  • Lack of motivation and willpower
  • Procrastination issues
  • Feelings of being on your own

All topics that you discuss with us will of course be treated confidentially. We are subject to professional secrecy.

Our formats

Individual coaching: In the coaching sessions we take the time to analyze your learning behavior and to develop individual solutions for your success in your studies. Further information and registration at: lerncoaching.ssz(at)

Coaching in small groups during the semester: In groups of 3 - 5 students we develop a learning plan that will support you during the semester. We use helpful learning techniques and encourage the development of habits that allow for structured and goal-oriented learning. Further information and registration

Workshops: Our courses in the area of personality development & self-management are aimed at all students who want to improve their learning behavior and their effectiveness. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your learning behavior and develop new strategies. To the program

NEW: Managing Your Studies Successfully: Self-management in Challenging Times (Online Course). Further information and registration