Research Training Groups

The following provides an overview of Research Training Groups priority programs coordinated by the Technical University of Munich.

What are Research Training Groups?
  • Research Training Groups focus on top-level research and provide a structured qualification programme for doctoral students to enable the timely completion of doctoral research training.
  • Research Training Groups (short GRK for German “Graduiertenkolleg”) are university research projects which are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), generally for a period of up to nine years (2 x 4.5 years). 
  • German universities can apply for an International Research Training Group (referred to as an IRTG) with an international partner. Both institutions apply at their respective national research support institutions and jointly steer the Research Training Group.

For further information about Research Training Groups, please consult the DFG website 

Research Training Groups coordinated by TUM

Research Training Groups with TUM participation

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Are you planning to submit a proposal for a collaborative project?

The National Research Funding Support offers advice on applications for 

  • Collaborative Research Centers/Transregios, 
  • Research Training Groups, 
  • Priority Programs and
  • Research Units. 

TUM supports professors who are preparing proposals with TUM as the lead coordinator/spokesperso with the TUM Seed Fund.