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Work at one of Europe’s leading universities and help to shape sustainable innovation for people, nature and society. See our current vacancies, rewarding career programs and the attractive work environment we offer our staff.

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All public and internal vacancy notices – including jobs in research management, administration, technical services, vocational training and jobs for students.

Open positions

As a signatory to the German Diversity Charter and a certified family-friendly university, TUM is committed to ensuring equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, and promoting a balance between work and family life. We are looking for highly qualified and motivated staff for positions in teaching and research, research management, administration and technical services. TUM would not be able to succeed without staff in these key positions. Apply now!


Routes to TUM

Physicist Prof. Elisa Resconi holds a sensor from the neutrino observatory IceCube.

Faculty Recruiting

A modern faculty recruitment and career system gives outstanding early-career researchers the chance of promotion from Assistant Professor via Associate to Full Professor.

Female chemist wearing safety goggles working on an experiment in the lab.


We offer junior scientists an inspiring and well-established research environment – together with promising perspectives.

Doctoral candiates in a workshop of the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) at the  TUM Science & Study Center Raitenhaslach in the former Raitenhaslach Monastery.

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

Doctoral candidates at TUM work on challenging academic questions, and are supported by prominent researchers of their fields.


International guests

We facilitate an international exchange of ideas by offering visiting research fellowships to outstanding scientists and lecturers from partner universities.


Non-academic staff

Opportunities in science management, administration and technical services


Vocational training

In more than 20 non-academic professions, TUM offers research-oriented and practical vocational training ("apprenticeships").


Career development and fostering young talent

As a University of Excellence, we set new milestones in the German and European university landscape through our pioneering career models and new avenues of support for promising junior researchers.

Initial appointments

TUM Faculty Tenure Track

This system, which is unique in Germany, aims to support highly promising junior researchers from their initial appointment as assistant professor through to a tenured full professorship (W3).

TUM Faculty Tenure Track

Mid-level academics


Our structured qualification program specifically designed for mid-level academics opens up attractive career prospects aside to a professorship.



Research Opportunities Week

This week-long event gives 50 international postdocs the opportunity to find out more about TUM and potentially secure a 24-month research scholarship (TUM Global Postdoc Fellowships).

Research Opportunities Week

Attractive working conditions

Services for our staff

Wether you work in research and teaching, science management, administration or technikcal services: We provide a working environment that enables our staff to realize their full potential, continuously furthering their development. You’re sure to settle in well at TUM.

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What matters to us

We are a leading entrepreneurial university and regard our university as a global hub of knowledge exchange. We are shaping the future through talent, excellence and responsibility. Our goal is to promote sustainable innovation for people, nature and society.

Goals and values