Leibniz Prize

The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize is the most prestigious award for scientists and scholars at German research institutions.

Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth received the Leibniz Prize in 2012 for her research in the field of domain decomposition methods.

Each year, the prize is awarded to up to ten researchers who have produced outstanding work at an early stage in their academic career and are expected to have an ongoing impact on the German research environment.

The Leibniz Prize was established by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) in 1985. The award money is intended to improve the working conditions of prizewinners by relieving them of administrative tasks and making it easier for them to employ well qualified young researchers.

To date (as of 2023), the prize, which carries an endowment of up to 2.5 million Euros, has been awarded to 24 members of the TUM.


In brackets: Year in which the award was received

* = not at TUM when the award was received

The information provided was current at the time the award was received.


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