TUM Sustainability

How can we make our university more sustainable and environmentally friendly and – in doing so – increase our contribution to global sustainability efforts?

What sustainability means to us

Sustainability is a key element of our future development agenda. That is why we are preparing a comprehensive strategy that will balance environmental, economic and social dimensions, and engage all stakeholders across all disciplines at our university. Because sustainability is not prescriptive. It can only be brought to life through the daily actions of each and every one of us – from students and lecturers to researchers and non-academic staff.

Sustainability is more than a vision or a target. It’s a process. As such, we will continue to face new tasks and challenges going forward, and we will tackle these in a targeted and effective manner. This calls for a holistic, systematic understanding of sustainability. Ultimately, new measures and projects must balance conflicting interests and interdependencies at the complex interfaces between different dimensions, while always striving to realize ambitious targets.

How we are forming our strategy

Together, we are identifying the building blocks required to create a holistic strategy that will act as a roadmap for our sustainability journey; an action plan fitting of a university of international standing with the power to influence society, industry and policy-makers. It is our objective to unleash the full sustainability potential of TUM across our key action areas: research – education & lifelong learning – entrepreneurship.  We set focus on sustainability in our campus & operations and are in the process of creating the necessary governance structures, building on the commitment and support of the entire university community. Communication and knowledge transfer are key success factors in the process.

TUM Sustainable Futures Strategy 2030


  • Sustainability office: Brings together all existing initiatives and ideas under an overarching strategic framework, supports their implementation, and generates new ideas and projects through cooperation.
  • Climate action management: Develops comprehensive strategies for reducing the university's own greenhouse gases and an integrated climate action plan that covers all main sites (Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan and Straubing).
    Climate action at TUM

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“We can make the world a better place”

Four experts, one goal: How can society be won over to a more sustainable lifestyle? And what role do universities and research institutes play in this process? These questions are discussed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Brück, Foundation Director and TUM alumna Dr. María José Barragán-Paladines, student Tabea Riemensperger, and entrepreneur Dr. Andreas Sichert. Read the interview

How we are bringing sustainability to life

Sustainability Office

As a strategic unit, we report directly to the Board of Management. We coordinate, initiate, bundle and synergize the university’s ambitious sustainability activities. In addition, we report regularly on the progress of our sustainability strategy.

Dipl.-Geogr. (Univ.)
Tobias Michl
Sustainability Manager

+49 89 289 22897


Selina Orsi-Coutts
Sustainability manager

+49 89 289 22892


How we can all make a difference – starting today

Whether you’re on your way to the university, at work or having lunch, the choices you make every day have environmental, economic and social implications, and all of these impacts are interlinked. We encourage you to use and support the many sustainability activities, services and initiatives which are already in place at TUM. By getting actively involved today, you can become part of the sustainability strategy of tomorrow.

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Sustainability Office
Tobias Michl
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Tel. +49 89 289 22897
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