Teaching Forum

Once a year, ProLehre organizes the Teaching Forum at Schloss Nymphenburg. The focus of this evening event is always a lecture on a topic of university teaching, which provides stimuli for intensive discussions that can be continued in pleasant surroundings over a small buffet after the end of the official part.

Teaching Forum 2021

The next Summer Forum will take place on Wednesday, May 18, from 5:00 p.m. to about 8:00 p.m. in the rooms of the Siemens Foundation at Schloss Nymphenburg.

Prof. Sandra Hofhues will give insights into the learning and media competence of students in her keynote speech "Students - Media - University". Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to discuss the topic in more detail over a small buffet in the garden of the Siemens Villa and to exchange ideas with colleagues and experts on current issues in university teaching and everyday teaching life.

Information and registration (PDF)

The Forums of Previous Years

Digital Teaching Forum: Hybrid Teaching and remote exams (2021)

Prof. Kristina Edström: The Teaching Trick – how to improve student learning without spending more time teaching (2017)

Agnes Weber: Problem-Based Learning – an activating didactic form of teaching and learning in higher education (2016)

Prof. Elsbeth Stern: From intelligence to intelligent knowledge: the acquisition of competencies in the technical and scientific field. (2015)

Prof. Christian Kautz: What is your audience actually thinking? Uncovering and targeting student misconceptions (2014)

Prof. Manfred Spitzer: Digital dementia (2013)

Wibke Derboven: Behind a thousand formulas no world – dropout in engineering: Factors and approaches to solutions (2012)

Prof. Dr. Dörte Haftendorn: Mathematics for all – a lecture for 1000 studentsBehind a thousand formulas no world - Student dropout in engineering: Factors and approaches to solutions (2011)

Dr. Peter Wex: The Reform of the Reform – risky Developments in the Bologna Process (2010)

Prof. Manfred Prenzel: Are there new ways to demotivate students? (2009)

Dr. Adi Winteler: Evidence-based teaching (2008)

Dr. Carsten Dose: Teaching Professorshipr (2007)

Prof. Anette Scheunpflug: How adults learn (2006)

Prof. Dr. Gisela Anton: Motivated students – what do I do differently? (2005)

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