Medicine and Health

What technologies can we use to make faster and more reliable medical diagnoses? How will we treat diseases like cancer, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, obesity, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease in the future?

Prof. Ulrike Protzer, director of the TUM Institute of Virology, with staff members in the laboratory.

What role do nutrition and the gut microbiome play in these metabolic and immune diseases? How do we protect ourselves from viruses and how do we fight them? In our efforts to answer these questions, we link the study of medicine with the natural sciences, life sciences, engineering and informatics. This generates enormous potential in the fields of biomedical engineering and digital medicine, enabling us to meet the needs of a modern healthcare system with preventive strategies and the latest technological resources.

We develop new imaging technologies to gain more detailed insights into the human body and investigate new approaches for personalized diagnoses and therapies. The findings we produce are incorporated into the training of doctors and the treatment of patients. Our work therefore has a direct, practical impact and makes an essential contribution to health care system.

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