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German government supports sustainability project Synergy Fuels

TUM researching climate-neutral fuels for the transportation sector

Technical University of Munich (TUM) is working on alternative, climate-neutral fuels for use in transportation. Together with partners from industry and science, six TUM professorships at the TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability (TUMCS) have received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the Synergy Fuels project. Over a period of four years, the support will total of 13.6 million euros, 5.7 million euros of which are earmarked for TUM.

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Mobility Sustainability Research
Reading time: 1 Min.

Installation at the TUM Architecture Museum to open on March 28

Alfredo Jaar project on immigration policy

How can the pressing issues of our day, such as immigration policy, war, identity questions and refugee movements be represented artistically? Visual artist Alfredo Jaar has an answer. He addresses the debate in his new art installation for the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Architecture Museum.

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Upcoming Event: March 28, 8:30 am to 8:00 pm via live stream from France

EuroTech universities discuss global sustainability

The six EuroTech universities, including the Technical University of Munich (TUM), are working together closely on the topic of global sustainability. In a symposium which will also be carried by live stream, researchers and students from the partner universities will discuss various aspects of this mega-topic.

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Sustainability Studies Event
Julian Grünewald, Professor für Gene Editing
Reading time: 6 Min.

NewIn: Julian Grünewald

Curing heart disease with CRISPR

What moves our newly appointed professors? What excites them about their work and what are they particularly looking forward to at TUM? They share this and more in our new series "New In". In our first issue, we introduce Julian Grünewald. The Professor of Gene Editing works at the interface between basic biological research, technology development and medical applications to develop gene and cell therapies for heart disease.

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Biophysics laboratory at TUM
Reading time: 2 Min.

QS World University Rankings by Subject

TUM among top 25 in five subjects

In the QS World University Rankings by Subject TUM ranks among the 25 best universities worldwide in five subjects. TUM is also among the top 50 in seven other subjects. In the overall subject groups of Engineering & Technology and Natural Sciences, TUM is ranked number 28th each.

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Research Studies TUM in Rankings
Generating energy from light: The newly developed "nanozyme," a yellow powder, mimics the properties of enzymes involved in photosynthesis.
Reading time: 3 Min.

Synthesis gas and battery power from sunlight energy

Smart light traps

Plants use photosynthesis to harvest energy from sunlight. Now researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have applied this principle as the basis for developing new sustainable processes which in the future may produce syngas (synthetic gas) for the large-scale chemical industry and be able to charge batteries.

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Sustainability Research
A woman infront of the European Parliament
Reading time: 2 Min.

Livestream on March 21: Survey of female MEPs

Debate on online hate speech targeting women in politics

Women who are politically active in social media are frequently faced with online hate speech. The extent and causes of this form of misogyny as well as possible countermeasures will be addressed in a discussion event in Brussels at 5 p.m. on March 21. The event will also be livestreamed. Janina Steinert, Professor of Global Health at TUM, will present a survey conducted among Members of the European Parliament.

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Research Event
A woman working with biotech equipment
Reading time: 1 Min.

BR presents bioengineering program

DNA analysis in schools

PCR equipment, genetic engineering, enzyme reactions – it is still extremely rare to see pupils carrying out biotechnology experiments in school classrooms. This is made possible under a program offered by TUM and the Amgen Foundation and by the school network of the Schülerforschungszentrum Berchtesgadener Land, a research center for pupils. The broadcaster BR was on hand as a school class carried out a DNA analysis experiment.

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Teaching TUM in the media
Three students on campus looking into a laptop together. More students in the background.

One-off payment can now be applied for

Energy price allowance for students

To relieve students and trainees in the face of increased energy prices, the German government has decided to pay them an energy price allowance of 200 euros. Starting today, March 15, 2023, students can apply for the one-time payment. Students who were enrolled at a German university as of December 1, 2022, and had their residence or habitual abode in Germany at that time are eligible. Here you can find all the information on how TUM students can apply for the energy price allowance.

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Campus news Studies
Reading time: 1 Min.

Heinz Nixdorf Foundation supports organoid research at TUM

3.8 million euros for endowed professorship and laboratory

The Heinz Nixdorf Foundation is presenting over 3.8 million euros to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for research on organoid model systems. Organoids can help in understanding the molecular fundamentals of illness and health and bringing these findings to clinical application, in particular for individualized cancer therapies. The funding will be used for an endowed TUM professorship for AI-supported organoid development and the highly specialized Heinz Nixdorf Laboratory for Organoid System Analytics.

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