Priority Programs (PP)

The following provides an overview of German Research Foundation (DFG) priority programs coordinated by the Technical University of Munich.

What are priority programs?
  • Priority programs (PP; short SPP for german ‘Schwerpunktprogramme’) are coordinated university programs that are funded by the German Research Foundation and typically run for six years.
  • They aim to deliver tangible impetus for scientific development by providing coordinated support for important new research topics throughout Germany.
  • The projects are characterized by their outstanding quality and focus on highly original topics and/or methodologies. They lay the foundations for emerging fields.
  • In particular, the projects focus on supporting young scientists and promoting collaboration across different disciplines, fields, institutes and departments.
  • These collaborations strengthen relationships between universities and other research institutes.

Visit the DFG website for more information about priority programs.

Priority programs coordinated at TUM

Technical University of Munich

Office for Research and Innovation (TUM ForTe)
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München
Tel: +49 89 289 25236


Are you planning to submit a proposal for a collaborative project?

The National Research Funding Support offers advice on applications for 

  • Collaborative Research Centers/Transregios, 
  • Research Training Groups, 
  • Priority Programs and
  • Research Units. 

TUM supports professors who are preparing proposals with TUM as the lead coordinator/spokesperso with the TUM Seed Fund.