Successful start-ups: our role models

From Carl Linde’s trailblazing invention for technical cooling to high-tech start-ups valued in the billions: successful entrepreneurs from the annals of TUM inspire the founders of tomorrow.

Repro: Portrait Prof. Dr. Carl von Linde

First start-up: Linde’s Ice Machines

From invention to global enterprise

Bavaria without a cold beer? Unthinkable! But chilling drinks was actually very difficult until 1875, when the first viable refrigeration machine was developed by young engineer Professor Carl Linde. His invention still shapes everyday life today.

Anniversary story: Cooling technology
The 'Entrepreneur of Excellence' award presented to entrepreneur Catharina van Delden by TUM

Entrepreneurs of Excellence

Award-winning founders

They are important, committed entrepreneurs with the status of role models, they participate in TUM’s founding activities and support subsequent generations with the wealth of their experience.

Overview: Entrepreneurs of Excellence
 TUM graduates Bastian Nominacher, Alexander Rinke and Martin Klenk (l to r) are among Germany’s most successful entrepreneurs.

’Unicorns‘ from TUM

Start-ups valued in the billions

Get to know founders whose start-ups have reached a value of over one billion US dollars without going public. These “unicorns” are making TUM one of the most successful start-up universities in Europe.

Alumni stories: Unicorns

Entrepreneurs under National Socialism

In an earlier version of this website, Wilhelm Messerschmidt and Claude Dornier were designated as founding pioneers of this university due to their engineering achievements. During the Second World War, their companies built fighter aircraft also using forced labor and concentration camp internees, many of whom died in the process.

In May 2023, TUM tasked a commission with developing recommendations for the future treatment of individuals from the era of National Socialism.
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