Studying with a Disability or Chronic Illness

The Technical University of Munich wants to give disabled and chronically ill students the opportunity to participate equally and independently in their studies and student life. The service point for disabled and chronically ill students and prospective students supports and advises in all matters – for example exam matters, compensation for disadvantages, applying for technical learning aids and much more.

Current Information – Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

  • As of 3 April 2022, the 3G requirement and compliance checks cease to apply.

  • Pending further information on the extension of the mask requirement, we urgently and emphatically recommend the use of FFP2 masks on all TUM premises where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

  • Examination deadlines: study progress checks are extended again in winter semester 2021/22.

  • Please be sure to check our info-website on current measures regularly for updates.

Advice: For whom, what and for which purpose?

Unfortunately, studying successfully and trouble-free with a disability or chronic illness is still not a matter of course despite legal bases for equal participation in higher education. Although a lot has happened at the universities in terms of accessibility, affected students still have to overcome many barriers on their way to successfully completing their studies – in addition to the burden that a disability or chronic illness means for each individual. Most impairments are invisible (96%) like you can look up at “Useful Information: Facts and Figures”, therefore students with an impairment need to be active and search for support by themselves. The challenges are as diverse as the impairments, be it mental illnesses, chronic somatic illnesses, autism spectrum disorder, partial performance disorders or visual, hearing and movement impairments.

It is therefore important to accept the advising and support offers – as early as possible – to find individual solutions!

Before your Studies: Application and Admission to TUM

The personal and individual situation of prospective students with disabilities or chronic illnesses can be taken into account when applying for a study place for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

During your Studies: Exams and Study Organization

In order to enable students with disabilities or chronic illnesses to study with equal opportunities, consideration can be given to the type and severity of a disability during the course and especially during the examination process.

Accessibility at TUM: Buildings and the Digital Space

In addition to structural accessibility and the equipment of buildings for the disabled, accessibility also includes specific requirements in courses and examinations.

Economic Support: Financial and Material Resources

There are various financial and material support options for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses to ensure that they have equal opportunities to study.

Advice and Contact: Contact persons and Important Addresses

Here you will find important contact persons inside and outside the TUM as well as other sources of information about studying with a disability or chronic illness.

News and Events: Studying with a Handicap

This website lists all the news, as well as information and announcements of current and upcoming events related to studying with a disability or chronic illness.

Useful Information: Facts and Figures

Here you will find various information and relevant data on studying with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Basics: Legal Framework

Here you will find information about all legal issues that are relevant for studying with disabilities and chronic illnesses.