Interesting Facts about Studying with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

This website provides a wealth of information, facts and figures on the subject of studying with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Further information is linked. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or requests!

Facts and Figures

In recent years, students with disabilities and chronic illnesses have been asked about their study situation in various surveys. The most important results of the investigations can be found below. You can find the detailed examinations on the website of the Information and Advice Center for Studies and Disability (IBS) of the German Student Union.

The data from the 22nd Social Survey was collected from May to September 2021, i.e. over a period in which the coronavirus pandemic was subsiding - and war, inflation and the price crisis were not foreseeable. The students came from three lockdown semesters during the survey period. The data and figures must be viewed in this context. Further information can be found here.

22nd Social Survey by the German Student Union

The following are the most important results of the 22nd Social Survey (2021) by the German Student Union. This summarizes the health impairments and the associated study difficulties. The entire study and previous studies can be found on the official webpage of the Social Survey and at IBS.

best1, best2 and best3: Data Collection “Studying with Impairments”

In 2011/12, 2016–2018 and 2021 students with disabilities and chronic illnesses at over 150 (2021: 250) universities were asked about their study situation as part of the “beeinträchtigt studieren” (studying with impairments) data collection, best1, best2 and best3 for short. You can find the detailed documentation here.

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