CareerDesign@TUM is our new, structured qualification program for mid-level academics. The program provides a comprehensive opportunity for your personal development.

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In the program, you will develop interdisciplinary skills that you need for a challenging and responsible job in academia and beyond. The program offers participants the chance to extend their knowledge, apply it in their field of work and exchange ideas with colleagues from TUM and other organizations.

CareerDesign@TUM follows the logic of lifelong learning; it promotes the proactive design of your career and offers you the opportunity for further qualification. Through clearly described fields of activity (i.e. tracks) and competency models, CareerDesign@TUM also aims to increase your attractiveness for the external job market. Thus, CareerDesign@TUM can be your springboard for a career in academia as well as in non-academic fields!

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Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus introduces the CareerDesign@TUM program.

Insights from our CareerDesign@TUM Alumni

Five fields of activity

CareerDesign@TUM offers you five attractive qualification paths that allow you to develop your talents and interests. We would be happy to assist you in identifying the most suitable area of activity for you.

TUM Researcher (Research)

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TUM Learning Professional (Learning and Development)

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TUM Science Manager (Science Management)

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TUM Entrepreneurship Advisor (Innovation and Spin-off Management)

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The Qualification Program

CareerDesign@TUM is committed to equal opportunities. Accordingly, it is characterized by its modular structure and a three-level qualification model that can be flexibly arranged. This makes it easier for employees to reconcile their personal life situation (e.g. family commitments, part-time employment, etc.) with their professional interests and ambitions.

CareerDesign@TUM is a structured continuing education program with three qualification levels in each track: an entry level, a second level for individuals with professional experience, and a third level for individuals with management and leadership responsibilities in the respective field. Depending on your prior knowledge and professional experience, direct entry into the second or third qualification level is possible.

Each of the three levels has a different focus:

  • The first qualification level focuses on professional competencies and general interdisciplinary competencies (e.g., university law, financials, project management, communication skills). It is aimed at people who (usually after completing a doctorate) have 1-2 years of professional experience in the academic context and would like to develop their competencies in order to take on a responsible position in the future.
  • The second qualification level focuses on management competencies relevant to the respective track (e.g. change management, teamwork, agile project management). It is aimed at people who (usually after completing a doctorate) have a few years of professional experience and already bear responsibility for projects and resources, but usually do not yet hold a managerial position.
  • The third qualification level focuses on the advancement of leadership and management skills (personnel management, personnel selection, strategic management). It is aimed at individuals (usually with a completed doctorate) in management positions who have many years of professional experience in the academic environment and in-depth expert knowledge.

CareerDesign@TUM comprises formal training elements with a high proportion of self-learning phases. Individual qualification elements such as peer mentoring, job shadowing and on-the-job learning ensure transfer of training to the work context.

CareerDesign@TUM Board

The CareerDesign@TUM Board defines the admission and selection criteria and decides on the admission of applicants to the program. It fulfills a supervisory and control function and advises on the strategic development of CareerDesign@TUM. The Board is composed of representatives of professors, academic staff and central administration. It is chaired by the Senior Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity.

FAQs CareerDesign@TUM


For any questions on our program, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Eva-Maria Knipfer
Learning & Development Manager


Dr. Alessandra Haupt (on parental leave)
Learning & Development Expert

Michelle Moos
Learning & Development Expert

Elena Jörg
Program Coordinator

PD Dr. Kristin Knipfer
Executive Director People Development

Dr. Sonja Kugler
Learning & Development Expert

Eva-Maria Knipfer
Learning & Development Manager

Dr. Bernhard Braun
Director CareerDesign@TUM


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