For our employees: We provide further qualifications!

At the Institute for LifeLong Learning we promote the talents of our employees. We prepare them for new activities in research and teaching, science and innovation management in order to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing working world.

The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning promotes the continuing education of all TUM employees in a systematic, scientifically sound and impact-oriented manner by...

  • offering effective and demand-oriented continuing education programs that both maintain and increase professional competence.
  • promoting a positive learning attitude and strengthening self-learning competencies so that employees can proactively shape their own personal and professional development.
  • providing access to digital technologies for contemporary learning that allows teachers to facilitate sustainable learning with modern tools and techniques.
  • promoting responsible leadership that focuses on personal and professional development as well as performance and excellence.
  • creating a vibrant learning community at TUM whee we learn with, and from, each other and develop together in a dialogue between research and practice.

We provide impulses and give the opportunity for you to bring your experience, so that you can maximize your potential within the work environment in a meaningful way. We want to enrich your work and that of the entire TUM community.

Our offers for employees of TUM

With a wide range of offers, the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning wants you to prepare responsible in more effectively overcoming the current and future challenges of your work. At the same time, we are here to proactively support you in initiating your own learning and development when faced with new tasks and challenges.

People Development

Addressed to...
All TUM employees

What we offer:
With a comprehensive range of continuing education courses, we support you in mastering challenges in your everyday work even better. Learn new things, exchange ideas with your colleagues, and strengthen your network at TUM!

People Development

TUM ProLehre
Media and Didactics

Addressed to …
lecturers of TUM, including (contract) lecturers and physicians with teaching responsibilities.

What we offer:
Improve the quality of your teaching. This program combines findings from teaching and learning research with the experience of our university lecturers. The program also looks to shine a light on the various design possibilities made realizable by Educational Technologies and digitization.

TUM ProLehre


We regularly inform you about news and current offers in the Institute's newsletters.


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