TUM Center for Culture and Arts

We are creating a diverse cultural program for the university community – to discover hidden talents, broaden horizons, and to gain inspiration for new ways of thinking and working – with the offerings of the TUM Center for Culture and Arts.

light and sound installation “AIS3 [aiskju:b]“ by the composer and concept artist Tim Otto Roth from 2019 (photo: Andreas Heddergott/TUM)

Music, literature, fine arts, performing arts or digital arts: With wide-ranging programs, we forge ties to innovation and technology, politics, history and society. All members of the TUM community − and friends of TUM − are invited to take part: expand your horizons and embrace new ways of thinking.

Why combine science and the arts?

Culture and artistic endeavors open up new perspectives on central issues of science and technology. In this semester we will approach these topics – and many others:

Why do we humans wish to create artificial life? How does the culture of remembrance work? And how should it work in a diverse society? What is nature doing with us? What is the creative potential of computer games for reflecting on societal aspects of MINT? And: Do the algorithms of AI aesthetics facilitate a democratization of art?

For students – spaces still available

Courses in the 2023 summer semester

Seminars, creativity labs and excursions: Here students discover their creative and cultural curiosity, and gain credits for their degree while exploring less familiar fields of knowledge. This offer is part of the general skills teaching program “Science ⋈ Technology ⋈ Society (Kontextlehre WTG)”.

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From the fall of 2023

On-campus events

We energize the campus in close collaboration with various institutions and cultural initiatives: at TUM: Events and exhibitions provide impetus for the exchange of ideas across disciplines and help to network the university with society at large.

Calendar: Current events at TUM

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Art meets Technology

Experimental projects and actions link science and art in creative and often surprising ways. Together with the Munich Kammerspiele theater, we open up new insights into technological developments through artistic reflections. This means not only sharing scientific knowledge, but also expanding the understanding of society in the world of research.

Habibi Kiosk – MK Projects  Theaterlabor Neuperlach – MK Projects

Our Team

Do you have questions? Please get in touch with us.

Felix Mayer
Artistic director

mayerspam prevention@tum.de

Irene Fließer

+49 89 289 25400
fliesserspam prevention@zv.tum.de

Clara Valdés Stauber
Projektleiterin „Arts meet Technology“

clara.valdes-stauberspam prevention@tum.de


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The title image of this page shows the light and sound installation “AIS3 [aiskju:b]“ by the composer and concept artist Tim Otto Roth from 2019 (photo: Andreas Heddergott/TUM).