Applying for a Regular Degree Program

We are pleased if you would like to take up a regular degree program at the Technical University of Munich. In order to apply, participants of the integration program must go through the normal application process.

Participation in the integration program does not qualify you for regular studies at TUM or other German universities. In order to enroll in a degree program, you must submit a regular application. All important information regarding application and admission to studies at TUM can be found at If you have any questions about studying at and applying to TUM, you can contact our Student Information team at any time.

However, for applicants who have fled Ukraine, special regulations apply for proving application requirements. Also, for applicants for the winter semester 2024/25, a special preparatory course is offered at the Studienkolleg.

Information on the special regulations and special offers can be found here:


Those affected by the war in Ukraine can contact solidarityspam with any concerns.