Applying for a Regular Degree Program

We are pleased if you would like to take up a regular degree program at the Technical University of Munich. In order to apply, participants of the integration program must go through the normal application process.

Participation in the integration program does not qualify you for regular studies at TUM or other German universities. In order to enroll in a degree program, you must submit a regular application. All important information regarding application and admission to studies at TUM can be found at If you have any questions about studying at and applying to TUM, you can contact our Student Information team at any time.

However, for applicants who have fled Ukraine, special regulations apply for proving application requirements. Also, for applicants for the winter semester 2023/24, a special preparatory course is offered at the Studienkolleg.

Information on the special regulations and special offers can be found here:

Application for winter semester 2022/23

Prospective students who have been affected by the war in Ukraine and who would like to take up studies at TUM in the winter semester 2022/23 face special challenges – for example, because they are unable to fulfill or prove certain requirements for their documents or their university admission in time. 

Based on the resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 05.04.2022 (German, PDF), the following regulations apply to university admission with educational certificates from Ukraine if applicants

  • could not take part in a regular state examination for the acquisition of a higher education entrance qualification or
  • were not able to complete their school or university year in a regular manner

and therefore cannot submit the necessary documents due to the war:

Please upload all available documents when applying, even if they are not complete. If you have already studied in Ukraine but do not have a Transcript of Records, please provide other proof of your academic records. The normally required proof of accreditation for studies at a private university is not necessary.

Valid as a general higher education entrance qualification is a Ukrainian higher education entrance qualification and an additional completed bachelor's degree.

As a rule, international applicants need a so-called preliminary documentation. This is a document prepared for you by the service provider uni-assist.

More information about the application for the preliminary documentation via uni-assist e.V. 

If you cannot submit your documents completely or in the required form due to the war on Ukraine, please upload all available documents digitally in the online portal of uni-assist e.V.

If graduation documents are not available, uni-assist provides forms that must be submitted to make credible any degrees obtained but not available. A case-by-case examination will then take place.

If necessary language certificates cannot be uploaded in time due to the war, you can upload a substitute document as a PDF. The document should be written in the language of the required language proof (German or English) and contain the following information:

  • A statement that proof of language proficiency could not be obtained in due time due to the war or the flight
  • If possible, a statement as to when which language certificate will be obtained
  • Ideally a confirmation of registration for an according test

Application for winter semester 2023/24

To prepare for the entrance examination for 2023/2024, the Studienkolleg München is offering another preparatory course starting on September 12, 2022. The focus is on teaching German and mathematics skills.


  • German language skills at least on level B1 CEFR ( preparatory course duration one semester) or on level A2 CEFR (preparatory course duration two semesters).
  • Indirect higher education entrance qualification, which is acquired by attending the eleventh grade in Ukraine in the school year 2021/2022.

Registration for this course is possible until 16.08.2022 and is done directly through the university.

All information on how to apply for the Studienkolleg via TUM can be found at