Tuition Substitution Funds

Since 1 October 2013, TUM has been receiving so-called tuition subustitution funds to compensate for the previous income from tuition fees. These funds may only be used to improve conditions in studying and teaching. For this purpose, TUM distinguishes between two areas of planning and expenditure.

Departmental Tasks

Departmental tasks relate in particular to the improvement of the scope of courses offered, the quality of teaching and the organization of teaching (e.g. courses, measures accompanying studies, internationalization, infrastructure, e-learning), in special cases also in the case of new courses offered.

The measures to be financed in a department or school are worked out in a planning commission with equal participation of the students. The final decision lies with the university presidium.

Common Tasks

Common tasks concern several or all departments, individual or several TUM locations, particularly teaching-effective priority programs or university-wide structural programs to improve studies. This also includes construction and renovation measures that are suitable for the special improvement of study conditions.

The joint tasks are approved by the Extended University Presidium in a five-year plan, which is developed by a central structural commission - with equal participation of the students - on the basis of concrete proposals for measures. The final decision as to which measures are financed rests with the university presidium.

You Would Like to Contribute Your Ideas?

All concepts for the use of student grants are developed at the department or school level. With your ideas for improving studies and teaching, you can contact the respective contact person at your department or school. You don't know who that is? Study and Teaching – Quality Management will be happy to put you in touch with all contacts and is the first point of contact for all questions regarding tuition substitution funds.

Tuition Substitution Funds Regulations
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