Teaching and Quality Management

Combining excellent research with excellent teaching – that is the aspiration of TUM. Teaching at our university is carried out according to the highest didactic and technical standards, oriented towards learning objectives and competency.

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Teaching Methods

Here you will find an overview of the didactic principles on which teaching at TUM is based, as well as assistance in designing courses and examinations.

Awards and Competitions

At TUM, there are a variety of forums and competitions for innovative teaching formats, outstanding didactic concepts and the exchange on the latest developments.

Dialogue on Teaching

At TUM, there are a number of regular events on the culture of teaching and learning that provide impetus for lecturing and space for discussion and exchange.

Quality Management

The goal of quality management is to design, establish and further develop attractive, challenging and internationally competitive degree programs.

Training for Teaching

Whether didactics, e-learning or evaluation – TUM offers a wide range of consulting and training services on all topics related to studying and teaching.

Internationalization Language Services

The Internationalization Language Services coordinates translations into English as well as (copy) editing, and provides the dict.tum terminology database.

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Handouts, guides, and templates: documents on teaching and QM.


News: Teaching and Learning

A woman working with biotech equipment
Reading time: 1 Min.

BR presents bioengineering program

DNA analysis in schools

PCR equipment, genetic engineering, enzyme reactions – it is still extremely rare to see pupils carrying out biotechnology experiments in school classrooms. This is made possible under a program offered by TUM and the Amgen Foundation and by the school network of the Schülerforschungszentrum Berchtesgadener Land, a research center for pupils. The broadcaster BR was on hand as a school class carried out a DNA analysis experiment.

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Teaching TUM in the media
Students of the "Responsible Robotics" team together with the assistant robot MIRMI at the Project Weeks 2023.
Reading time: 2 Min.

Impressions from the pilot phase of TUM's new teaching format

Out of university, straight into practice: the 2023 Project Weeks

Whether sustainability, digitization or healthcare: many of the most important topics of our time transcend disciplinary boundaries. With the Project Weeks, TUM has therefore created a new teaching format in which students and teachers across disciplines, curricula and locations dedicate themselves to topics for which they are personally passionate and which are of great social relevance. The pilot phase took place at the beginning of this year – a successful start, as the participants report.

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Campus news Studies Teaching
Four students in a seminar room, in the foreground a lecturer out of focus.
Reading time: 3 Min.

Five outstanding lecturers honored for excellence in teaching

Dedicated to good teaching

Combining the latest research findings with innovative teaching methods and activating didactic concepts are at the heart of the Mission Statement "Excellence in Teaching and Learning at TUM". The more than 6,000 teachers at our university fulfill this promise with passion and commitment together with the students day by day. With Claudia Eckert, Christian Feilcke, Linda Liang, Friederike Schmidt-Graf and Cathleen Zeymer, five lecturers have now been honored for their exceptional contributions to excellence in teaching.

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Campus news Studies Teaching
cene from the shooting of the pitch videos at the TUM Future Learning Initiative 2020.
Reading time: 2 Min.

Wanted: Student ideas for innovations in teaching

The TUM Future Learning Initiative 2023 is about to start

Dynamic, competence-oriented and at the cutting edge – the teaching of the future is being shaped at TUM. Who knows better what it takes to achieve this than our students. The TUM Future Learning Initiative (TFLI) aims to turn their ideas into reality. President Thomas F. Hofmann therefore invites all TUM students and alumni to submit their proposals to the competition from March 1 to April 30.

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Campus news Studies Teaching Event
Professor Enkelejda Kasneci
Reading time: 4 Min.

Position paper outlines opportunities for schools and universities

“ChatGPT can lead to greater equity in education”

The public launch of ChatGPT has led to considerable dismay at schools and universities. However, a position paper authored by more than 20 scientists at TUM and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) working in educational, social, computer and data sciences shows that the so-called language models also present many opportunities for education. In this interview, the coordinator Prof. Enkelejda Kasneci explains how the new technology could benefit learners and make teachers’ work easier.

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Artificial Intelligence Research Teaching