Support for Researchers: Funding, Advice and Much More

The foundation of outstanding science is an inspiring environment and optimum general conditions for your research work: Discover our comprehensive range of advice and support services for our scientific staff.

3-D printer for DNA-modified gel droplets

Discover Research Funding and Support

Excellent research needs time and money – Learn more about funding and where you can find assistance and advice.

Infrastructure and technical facilties

Take advantage of the our university's outstanding facilities and our partners to ensure the success of your research project.

Bringing Technologies to Market

From cutting-edge research to your own start-up: Discover how your research could give birth to forward-looking business models which could make our lives easier, more digital and more sustainable.

Drive Your Personal Development

We support your individual talents with targeted training and exchange programs so that you can concentrate on fully leveraging your potentials.

Feel at Home with Us

A successful professional life includes exchange with like-minded peers and time for a fulfilling private life. Here we offer you support for family matters, living accommodations and recreation to create the best general situation.

Offers for employees

Additional Service Offers and Facilities


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