Support for researchers

The foundation of outstanding science is an inspiring environment and optimum general conditions for your research work: Discover our comprehensive range of advice and support services for our scientific staff.

3-D printer for DNA-modified gel droplets

Research funding

TUM ForTe – also known as the Office for Research and Innovation – offers our researchers professional and comprehensive advice on research funding and technology transfer, as well as assistance raising third-party funds.


The National Research Funding team assists with issues relating to DFG and BMBF funding as well as funding for large-scale equipment and construction of research facilities.

Team National


The International Research Funding team is the first point of contact for researchers seeking to raise third-party funds from European or international sources.

Team International

External partners

In research projects that include stakeholders from industry and other scientific institutions, TUM ForTe helps to provide clarity and offers topical workshops on potential cooperations.

Work together

Funding opportunities at TUM

Discover the financial support the university offers its professors for scientific projects and cooperations activities:

Services for International Researchers

Research and teaching abroad

Present your research

Whether you are working on a website for your research, a new publication or a press release on a successful project, we can help you increase the visibility of your research and present it to the public and specific audiences.

High-performance technical infrastructure for all researchers

High-quality training and continuing education

Other services and facilities

Venues that promote science and exchange: from our Science and Study Center in Raitenhaslach to our research station in Berchtesgaden, we offer ideal conditions for university-based, interdisciplinary and international meetings, in a historic setting or against the backdrop of an imposing Alpine panorama.

Pathways to TUM

Would you like to launch your academic career with us, whether as a professor, a postdoc or as a doctoral candidate? We offer attractive conditions for researchers in all career phases, from our TUM Faculty Tenure Track program to a range of other opportunities.

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