Waiver scholarships, exemptions and waivers for international students

TUM offers waiver scholarships, waivers and exemptions for students required to pay tuition fees.

Important information on waiver scholarships, exemptions and waivers

From the winter semester 2024/25, the Technical University of Munich will charge tuition fees for international students from non-EEA countries who are newly enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course.

Studying at TUM remains free of tuition for students from Germany, the European Economic Area or equivalent states as well as from states with corresponding agreements, and for students who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification or an undergraduate degree in the German education system. You can find an overview of which groups are subject to fees and which are not here.

Applicants and students that are subject to the tuition fees can apply for waiver scholarships, waivers and exemptions. These always correspond to the amount of tuition fees for international students from third countries for the respective degree program. No payment is made.

Different deadlines apply for different types of scholarships, waivers and exemptions. These can be found below in the information on the respective scholarships, exemptions and waivers.

You will need an application number from TUMonline to apply for all types of scholarships, exemptions, and waivers. The application number is generated there when you submit an application for a study place. You can find all the information you need in our online application instructions.

If you have already been admitted, you can also enter your TUM student number. You can find these numbers in your TUM online account under “Applications”.

What waiver scholarships, exemptions and waivers are available?

Waiver Scholarships

Students may apply for merit scholarships and need-based waivers.



Under certain circumstances, students are exempt from paying fees.



Fees may be waived for financial, personal or social reasons.


Waiver Scholarships for international students required to pay tuition fees

Exemption from tuition fees

Waiver of fees


Information on fees, scholarships, waivers, and exemptions:

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If you have any questions about study orientation or other concerns, please contact our General Student Advising.

Waiver Scholarship Guidelines