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Interested in reporting about TUM or current scientific topics? We’ll support you with relevant information, organize qualified interview partners and provide photo material. We can also help if you need a film permit.

Media relations officers by subject

Ulrich Meyer Spokesperson of the President, Central University Topics +49 89 289 22779 ulrich.meyerspam
Klaus Becker Deputy Spokesperson of the President, Central University Topics Economics, Educational Sciences, Social Sciences TUM School of Management, TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology +49 89 289 22798 klaus.beckerspam
Paul Hellmich Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics TUM Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics; Munich Data Science Institute +49 89 289 22731 paul.hellmichspam Mon - Fri 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Andreas Huber Aerospace, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geosciences, Mechanical Engineering TUM School of Engineering and Design, Munich Institute of Integrated Materials, Energy and Process Engineering +49 89 289 22778 huber.aspam
Stefanie Reiffert Chemistry, Physics Departments of Chemistry, Physics +49 89 289 10519 stefanie.reiffertspam Tue - Fri
Dr. Katharina Baumeister-Krojer Biotechnology, Life and Nutrition Sciences TUM School of Life Sciences, TUM Campus Straubing +49 8161 71 5403 katharina.baumeisterspam Mon all day; Tue, Wed, Fri until 12:30 pm
Dagmar Wagner Agricultural Sciences TUM School of Life Sciences +49 8161 71 6127 dagmar.wagnerspam
Henrike Boden Medicine, Sports and Health Sciences Departments of Medicine and Sport and Health Sciences +49 89 289 25439 henrike.bodenspam
Carolin Lerch Biomedical Engineering Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering +49 89 289 10808 carolin.lerchspam
Andreas Schmitz Robotics and Machine Intelligence Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence +49 89 289 18198 andreas.schmitzspam
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Tel.: +49 89 289 22778


Secretarial Office

Sonja Bothe
Tel.: +49 89 289 10511
Mon - Fri (9:00 am - 2:00 pm)

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