Plug-in Modules

Plug-in modules are used to specifically expand the range of courses that provide students with particularly innovative and interdisciplinary content – independently of the curricula of the respective degree programs. In this way, students can develop specific competencies and acquire knowledge that cannot yet be taken into account in their regular modules, deal with issues and approaches from disciplines outside their field of study, and work on interdisciplinary projects together with fellow students from other subjects.

Plug-in Modules in the summer semester 2023

Artificial Intelligence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In this course, students develop a basic understanding of technological developments in the field of artificial intelligence and learn how to put them to good use in and for companies and start-ups.

Business Plan Basic Seminar

A class with a start-up feel: In this course, students work in teams to develop their own entrepreneurial idea in agile, iterative cycleswith a lot of real-life feedback.

Digital Product School

In the three-month Digital Product School, students learn to build innovative digital products that solve real-world problems and provide true value to users.

Gaze-based Human-Computer Interaction

In this course, students learn to master theoretical methods of gaze-based human-computer interaction and to apply them in a problem-oriented manner. Within the framework of a project, they train to transfer their technical and methodological knowledge into practice.

Human-AI Interaction

This course is designed to bridge the gap between human-computer interaction and AI. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the role of human factors in the design and development of user-friendly and needs-based AI systems.

Innovation Sprint

In five days, students learn to develop innovative, customer-focused and impact-driven business ideas by taking on a partner's challenge in an interdisciplinary team.

Innovative Entrepreneurs: Lecture & Project

In this course, participants gain insights from the practice of founders and entrepreneurs, and work on their own project to improve self-leadership.


JavaScript Technology Seminar

This seminar provides hands-on experience in designing and building modern JavaScript-based web applications in an agile development environment with well-known industry partners.

Learning from Data and Linear Algebra

This module conveys important mathematical basics and tools from the field of linear algebra and deepens them by acquiring practical programming skills (Python) in the field of “Machine Learning”.


Marketing Entrepreneurship Lab

At the Marketing Entrepreneurship Lab, students can deepen their marketing knowledge and apply it in practice: They support a start-up of their choice, for example in strategic marketing, market research or product launch.

Principled Entrepreneurial Decisions

In this course, students as future leaders are challenged to critically reflect on the role that personal values and principles can and should play in making difficult business decisions.


Tech Challenge

Learning by doing: In this seminar, students take on the challenge of solving a practical business problem posed by entrepreneurial partners and thus further develop their innovation skills.

Technology Entrepreneurship Lab

Leading by coaching: In this course, students learn to build their coaching skills and practice them by helping real innovation or start-up teams with their challenges.


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