Support for Those Affected by the War in Ukraine

The Technical University of Munich stands in solidarity with all people affected by the war in Ukraine. This website provides an overview of offers for those who need support and those willing to help.

Integration Program

TUM offers an integration program for people who cannot take up or continue their studies due to the war in Ukraine.

Applying for a Regular Degree Program

Here you will find all information about applying a regular degree program at TUM and about special regulations for refugees from Ukraine.

Support for Students

TUM and many other institutions help students who have fled Ukraine with a variety of different support services.

Support for Scientists

There are also numerous contact points and support services for researchers and lecturers who had to flee Ukraine.

Public services by the state and the federal government

Further contact points for refugees as well as for helpers, contacts to initiatives and an overview of local aid organizations can also be found on the pages of the TUM Student Representation.​​​​​​​


Those affected by the war in Ukraine can contact solidarityspam with any concerns.