Sustainable Living Environment

We combine all our expertise in the fields of the environment, climate, energy, food and resources to slow down climate change, minimize its impact and create sustainable places to live and work.

Werner Lang, Professor at Technical University of Munich, photographed at the roof top of the Oskar von Miller Forum.

We invent new technologies to protect our air, water and soil, and to safeguard natural ecosystems for future generations. We develop strategies and new approaches for sustainable agriculture and food production, and investigate ways to mitigate the consequences of climate change and species loss. We create new sustainable land use strategies in agriculture and forestry. At the same time, we are actively helping to shape the energy, mobility and urban development solutions of the future.

We are involved in the development of autonomous vehicles, air taxis, and new means of transport, such as the Hyperloop. We draw up intelligent urban and transport planning concepts to explore how to make urban and rural areas more livable and attractive. The construction sector has a key role to play, and we have leading experts in areas such as living plant construction, timber construction, and energy-efficient and sustainable design and construction.

Using state-of-the-art sensor and satellite technologies, we record climatic changes and their effects on our environment and cities. Our bioeconomic research projects indicate possible future approaches, such as replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. We develop innovative products, technologies and business models for a sustainable bioeconomy.

TUM Sustainability

Sustainability is a key element of our development agenda. That is why we are preparing a new strategy that will balance environmental, economic and social dimensions, and engage all stakeholders across all disciplines at our university.

Sustainability at TUM

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