Campus Locations

Globally networked, rooted in Bavaria: From our headquarters in the innovation metropolis of Munich to regional facilities in Bavaria and Germany. TUM also has branch facilities on several continents – and a campus of its own in Singapore.


Munich has been the home of TUM since 1868. Today, TUM extends from its home site in the city center to the hospital, Klinikum rechts der Isar, as well as to the modern sports and health campus at the Olympic Park.

Studierende im EI Neubau am Campus Garching


TUM’s natural science and engineering center in Garching is our largest campus, while at the same time one of the most modern and best networked research and training facilities in Europe.

Semesterstart am Campus Weihenstephan


The extensive and modern bio-sciences and life science activities are at home on the green campus of Weihenstephan in the 1,200-year-old cathedral town of Freising.

Studierende des TUM Campus Straubing für Biotechnologie für Nachhaltigkeit sitzen vor Gewächsgärten in Straubing, im Hintergrund die Kirche St. Peter und das Technologie- und Förderzentrum.


Sustainability as a cross-disciplinary assignment: from natural sciences and engineering disciplines through to bio-economics and economic sciences – at Germany’s unique TUM Campus Straubing.

Studierende am Campus Heilbronn


Teaching and research at the interface of management, computer sciences and technology: on the educational campus of Heilbronn situated in one of Europe’s most innovative regions.

Students in Singapore


At the technology hotspot of Singapore, we offers degree programs in natural and engineering sciences at our TUM Asia campus – and tackle research challenges of tomorrow together with international partners at TUMCREATE.


Globally connected

International Liaison Offices

International liaison offices represent TUM in strategically important centers in Europe, Asia, North and South America. They act as a central onsite interface for key actors from research, education, industry and society.

International locations

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