Our Public Engagement

Learn more about our research and get involved: We are bringing science and society closer together through our public engagement activities.

MCube cluster at the IAA Mobility in Munich (image: Viktoriya Zayika / MCube)

Get to know TUM as a hub for knowledge exchange. Come along to be inspired at public talks and events, or get involved in real-world labs and citizen science projects. Innovation needs dialogue. We engage with society because we want our research to make a real difference for a sustainable future.

Upcoming events

Come and be inspired


We need to listen to each other and share ideas! Successful innovations for people can only be achieved through dialogue between science and society.

President of TUM

People meet in a Munich street that has been greened with plant boxes MCube / Viktoriya Zayika

Citizen Science

How we do research with society

We involve the public in scientific processes in various projects, thereby increasing the relevance of research in a variety of ways. Get to know current projects - and join in the research!

Find out more in our podcast "We are TUM" (in German): We classify the explain various concepts of public engagement with research and present three exciting projects that thrive on exchange with society.

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Mobility of the future

Working on sustainable solutions for the future of mobility in metropolitan regions, with a unique network of stakeholders from business, society and academia in the Munich area.

MCube Cluster

The city as an ecosystem

From green oases to bees in community gardens, this research group is working with the urban residents and policymakers to promote the sustainable development of urban ecosystems.

Urban Productive Ecosystems

Dialogue for healthcare

This roundtable project brings citizens and researchers together to discuss current medical research at the Institute of General Practice.

Roundtable meetings
In the exhibition KI.Robotik.Design (Pinakothek der Moderne), the robot draws at the instruction of visitors. Astrid Eckert / TUM
In der Ausstellung KI.Robotik.Design (Pinakothek der Moderne) zeichnet der Roboter auf Anweisung der Besucher.

Science up close

Museums and exhibitions

Visit the world-famous Deutsches Museum, the Pinakothek der Moderne, a number of smaller science and engineering collections, or our hands-on math and computer science exhibitions.

Our museums and exhibitions

Join in and get involved

A small selection of offers and programs at TUM to experience research up close, from experiments for children and young people to discussions with our researchers or co-creative research projects.

Überraschungseier-Röntgen am Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE)

Open day

Come to the Garching Research Campus and experience science in lectures, hands-on activities, guided tours and much more.

Drop by on October 3
Forschende an Computern.

TUM Think Tank

Where today's social challenges meet tomorrow's technological excellence: The Think Tank brings together people, methods, knowledge and tools.

Think Tank
Schülerinnen experimentieren im Labor des Schülerforschungszentrums Berchtesgadener Land.

School meets science

Our school network and numerous other offers enable a close exchange between educational research and school practice.

School cooperations and more

TUMlab at the Deutsches Museum

Construct a hydroelectric power plant or program your own robot: Science workshops for young people, pupils and teachers to experience hands-on science.



The lecture series brings relevant topics from the life sciences to the city in accessible language and entertaining presentations.

Lecture series


Science at TEDxTUM entertaining, exciting and creative. Come along for these independently organized TED events set up by our students.



Where girls aged 11-15 discover the fun of programming at free workshops organized by our student group.

Programming workshops


A children's health program that combines fun with exercise, healthy eating and a strong sense of self, offering sports groups as well as weekend and holiday camps.


Lauf10! Run 10K in 10 weeks

Get fit to run 10K in 10 weeks: Join the public sports project of BR Abendschau with TUM and over 150 sports clubs throughout Bavaria.

Interview with Prof. Martin Halle

Public Engagement Community at TUM

Networking and capacity building

Share your research with the public, strengthen your own outreach skills, and network with like-minded people from across the university. Become part of our public engagement community!

Join our network: Please write to us on engagespam prevention@tum.de


Foster the dialogue between science and society

The generous commitment of our sponsors has made many projects at TUM possible in the first place. Our fundraising team is available to answer any questions you may have about how your support can bring science and society closer together.

Contact our fundraising team

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