History of the Technical University of Munich

Ever since its founding in 1868, our university has been at the forefront of innovation. Scientists today have the same goal as their 19th century counterparts: finding solutions to the major challenges facing society as we move forward.

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Revision of the Website

We are revising our pages on the “History of the Technical University of Munich”. The new version will go online shortly (editorial note from 15.3.2024).

Rigorous reappraisal of TUM’s history in the National Socialist era

Acting on the findings of the expert commission

TUM continues to investigate its history in the Nazi era. It established an expert commission for this purpose in May 2023 that has submitted an initial report with concrete recommendations for action to be implemented by the university. The commission’s investigations encompassed the naming of university buildings and rooms after and the awarding of honorary titles to people who supported the Nazi regime. The critical reappraisal of our history is ongoing.

See the press release from 15.3.2024

The university was founded to provide the state of Bavaria with a center of learning dedicated to the natural sciences. It has played a vital role in Europe’s technological advancement and has the prestige of having produced a number of Nobel Prize winners.

Image of a robot touched by a hand. Researchers at Technical University of Munich work on artificial skin that is able to feel touches.

Anniversary stories marking 150 years of TUM

Over more than 150 years of history at TUM, our researchers have achieved numerous vital discoveries and inventions – driven by curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Read the anniversary stories
Medaille des Nobelpreises mit dem Porträt des Stifters, Alfred Nobel.

Nobel Prizes

Today, the Nobel Prizes are the highest honors in the fields of chemistry, medicine, literature and economic sciences, and in recognition of efforts to promote peace. To date, 18 TUM researchers and alumni have received this award (date: 2022).

Nobel Prizes
On the image a shelf with historical documents in the TUM Archive is shown.

TUM Archive

The TUM Archive collects, preserves and provides records and objects documenting the history of our university. Researchers from around the world can use these resources for their work.

TUM Archive (in German)

History of TUM

Additional literature:

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Notable personalities