InfoForum Study and Teaching

The internal training event of the TUM Center for Study and Teaching is aimed in particular at employees in degree program and student management as well as in the examination administrations at the departments. The InfoForum provides information about the individual work areas of the TUM Center for Study and Teaching and addresses current topics from other units of TUM. The event offers both experienced and new colleagues up-to-date information about studying and teaching at TUM and the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

18th InfoForum on November 24, 2021

The 18th InfoForum Study and Teaching took place on 24.11.2021 in virtual form.

Here you can find the slides presented during the info sessions.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Müller, Vice President Academic and Student Affairs; Claudia Meijering, Head of TUM Center for Study and Teaching

Download as PDF: Begrüßung und Aktuelles aus dem TUM Center for Study and Teaching (German) (1.048 KB)

In response to many requests, we will attempt to place the new structures and formats in the area of teaching and learning in the context of the Excellence Strategy and the founding of schools, and to show the common thread. We will talk about Professional Profiles, their members and how they differ from the Professional Profile Committees. In doing so, we will also introduce the roles of Vice Deans Academic and Student Affairs, Academic Program Directors, and the new or reconstituted Teaching Committee, Board of Study and Teaching, and Study and Teaching Council. In addition, we will explain how new formats such as the Plug-in Modules fit into these structures and what the TUM Teaching Constitution is all about.

Claudia Meijering (TUM Center for Study and Teaching)

Download as PDF: Storytelling Professional Profiles (German) (697 KB)

Practical examples and current legal procedures will be used to familiarize participants with the difficult topic of recognition. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

Johanna Menzel (TUM Center for Study and Teaching)

Download as PDF: § 16 APSO – Anerkennung in der Praxis (German) (474 KB)

Anyone who wants to study successfully must master numerous challenges. The study skill enhancement team of ProLehre and the academic coaching team of TUM CST Student Advising and Information support students in this process with a variety of offers. In this presentation, we would like to give you an overview of our offers and working methods. We show on the basis of student questions and problems that typically arise at various points of the "Student Life Cycle", with which issues students come to us and how we can support them on their way.

Nadja Krywko (ProLehre | Media and Didactics), Raphael Müller-Hotop and Marein Orre (TUM Center for Study and Teaching)

Download as PDF: Effektiv studieren, wie geht das? (German) (1.974 KB)

A lot has happened in the Admissions and Enrollment department (ABI) during the last year and we are pleased to inform you about all the innovations. We will explain the following new processes and will be happy to answer any questions afterwards: the electronic health insurance registration process for students, the online application for guest students, the verification options for documents from the student management system, and the online dispatch of notices of enrollment termination. In addition, we will present the current organizational chart of the ABI in consideration of the School Transition.

Nina Grote, Daniela Oldekamp and Tina Siewert (TUM Center for Study and Teaching)

Download as PDF: Update ABI 2021 (German) (628 KB)

On 01.10.2021, the new regulations on the awarding of doctoral degrees and the new statute of the TUM Graduate School came into force. In the lecture, the following topics will be discussed: Why was a revision of the regulations on the awarding of doctoral degrees  and a new statute of the TUM GS necessary? What are the most important changes in content? What is the need for action for the doctoral degree-granting institutions? Interested parties as well as employees who are involved in the processing of doctoral matters and corresponding advice are welcome to attend.

Dr. Katrin Offe (TUM Graduate School), Petra Burdach and Katja Frick (TUM Center for Study and Teaching)

Download as PDF: Neufassung der Promotionsordnung (German) (859 KB)

With a run-up period of approximately one year, the TUM School of Engineering and Design was officially launched on October 1 with around 12,000 students, 120 chairs and 2,000 doctoral students. From the perspective of the Study and Teaching department, we would like to report on both the challenges and milestones that have been overcome and those that still lie ahead. We will also present the new administrative structures, their backgrounds and further plans. We are looking forward to the exchange with you!

Laura Janßen and Thomas Wagner (TUM School of Engineering and Design)

Download as PDF: Die Gründung der TUM School of Engineering and Desig (German) (925 KB)