Entrepreneurial Science Talents

The one-week program is aimed at TUM scientists with the goal of promoting the establishment of science-based start-ups and generating new research impulses.

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Are you a TUM scientist (doctoral candidate / postdoc) or research assistant who would like to think outside the box in your field, get inspired, or open up exciting career options in the field of entrepreneurship?

You either already have an idea or a suitable research topic that you would like to bring in as a challenge, or you are interested in participating as a talent in potential scientific spin-offs. 

The Entrepreneurial Science Talents (EST) programme offers you an opportunity to tackle research problems in an entrepreneurial way in interdisciplinary teams and to test their potential. You will be accompanied by experienced coaches for one week, benefit from a curriculum tailor made to the concept and can have your participation credited as transferrable skills training in coordination with your Graduate Center.

Design marketable application concepts or develop initial prototypes on site. Create new research impulses for your subject or even find your future co-founders to launch a successful start-up.

At a glance

  • The pilot was successfully carried out at the beginning of July. The next batch is being planned, the details will be published here soon.

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Please be advised that this course is not part of the Transferable Skills Program. However, you may be able to get this course credited as a subject specific course if your Graduate Center approves.

Challenge Provider

Bring in your research thesis and insights, contact your supervisor/ professor for suitable intellectual property of your chair or think of science based ideas you always wanted to become reality in an application with impact that could change the world! Your topic will be provided as a challenge to a diverse team of scientists with different backgrounds and personalities. Your team will work on bringing your vision to life for the rest of the week!



Did you ever want to invest your expertise into a team of like-minded peers, focusing on exciting ideas or research with real impact which eventually could lead to a start-up but had no idea where to start? Then EST is the right place for you! Provide us with your areas of interest and expertise (e.g., your specific scientific background, IT skills, business education, etc.), get matched to a team and get provided with an exciting challenge by one of your scientist fellows. Contribute in turning this challenge into an application or prototype with impact!


Your benefits

  • Work on research ideas by validating your application concepts for the market!
  • Build prototypes based on the tasks set!
  • Generate new research impulses for yourself and your chair!
  • Gain entrepreneurial knowledge and use common tools (e.g. design thinking) in small teams!
  • Learn and get feedback from our experienced coaches!
  • It may be possible to get this course credited as a subject specific course, depending on the approval of the Graduate Center. And you may even find your co-founder to launch your successful startup