Learning: A lifelong endeavor

The working world is changing faster and more unpredictably than ever before, constantly throwing up new challenges to which professionals in research, industry, governance and society need to react.

We are challenged to meet these changes flexibly and constructively, to open up new fields of knowledge and to expand our competencies. To do this, we need to be lifelong learners.

Lifelong learning encompasses all the activities we undertake to better master current and future challenges by expanding our knowledge and skillset. TUM offers the perfect environment for lifelong learning: With the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, we offer a wide range of opportunities to support the careers of lifelong learners.

TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning – Your Life-Long Education Partner

The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning stands for evidence-based, future-oriented and sustainable continuing education.

Adopting a holistic approach, it offers a wide range of individual courses and structured programs to support professionals in academia and business to advance their capabilities and to face current and future job-related and societal challenge effectively.

The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning also makes a significant contribution in ensuring that teaching and learning at the Technical University of Munich is both effective and at the forefront of current practice. To this end, we combine latest insights about learning and teaching with cutting-edge educational technology.

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Our Continuing Education Programs

The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning brings together all further education programs at TUM so that we can offer you a wide range of lifelong learning opportunities suitable for your needs.


We regularly inform you about news and current offers in the Institute's newsletters.


Excellence strategy

LifeLong learning is a central element of the TUM Agenda 2030.

TUM Leadership Toolbox

Literature and guidelines for leaders at TUM.

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