Key Skill Program – Additional Qualification for Students

Entrepreneurship, leadership, responsibility: Studying at TUM is more than attending lectures, taking exams and earning credits. TUM and its partners offer a wide variety of courses and initiatives to broaden your horizon and develop your personality. Take the initiative and get involved!

Visit Campus Life for additional tips and ideas on how you can become involved both in and outside TUM. You will also find information regarding the various training and education services available for enhancing your skills.

Plug-in Modules provide students with particularly innovative interdisciplinary content independently of the curricula of their degree programs.

The EuroTeQ Engineering University offers courses at the joint virtual campus of six leading European engineering universities.

Become a leader or start your own business in 18 months: Manage and More

Creating social value with your master's thesis: The TUM Entrepreneurial Masterclass.

An early boost for your career: Gain practical experience at SAP during your master's with the Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program.

The Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) offers a wide variety of online courses to complement on-site studies.


With the TUM Skills Excellence Program, students can continue to develop specialist knowledge and interdisciplinary skills even after completing their master's degree.

Here you can find all information about the program.

Think. Make. Start. is a two-week interdisciplinary course at TUM in which 50 students in 10 projects develop 10 prototypes of innovative products.

Here you can find all informationen about the program.

How do we want to shape the relationship between man and machine? What does a just economic order look like? What are the ethical limits of medicine? TUM students can deal with these and other questions at the Munich School of Philosophy and in the process earn course credits for their studies at TUM.

Here you can find all information about the “Modulstudien Philosophie”.

The TUM Language Center offers students the opportunity to raise their foreign and professional language skills to a university level, offering courses throughout the semester in 15 languages. Its course offerings include basic, intermediate and advanced language seminars, as well as intensive courses in individual languages during lecture-free periods. Also included are courses in intercultural communication and organized events designed for intercultural exchange. The independent-learning centers at the Garching and Weihenstephan campuses offer students to possibility for independent study. 

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The Leibniz Computer Center (LRZ) offers courses each semester in PC applications such as Work, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Photoshop, in addition to high-performance computing, scientific visualization and more.

The learning management system ArTEMiS enables interactive in-class exercises in large classes with more 1000 students. With the use of version control and continuous integration, students' receive immediate feedback to their submissions, automatically and individual. They can iteratively and incrementally improve their solution until it is correct.

TUM Pro Lehre | Media & Didactics offers courses on how to improve your study and exam-taking skills through digital scripts, podcasts, E-tests, videos, Wikis, forums and social networks. 

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The TUM university library offers numerous courses designed to help you locate literature for seminar papers, theses or exam preparations. You will also learn how to properly cite, footnote and manage your literary resources. The library also offers classroom instruction on all TUM campuses in addition to E-learning courses enabling students to learn independently where and when it best suits their needs.

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TUM engages student assistants to support both the teaching and research functions of its schools and colleges. Available positions are often announced in classes, directly by the departments, or on the TUM job portal

The Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TUM (UnternehmerTUM GmbH) helps companies and startups face the challenges of our time by using these challenges as sources of innovation to create new, successful business concepts. UnternehmerTUM offers a broad spectrum of services that enable students to discover and develop their business talent.

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ProLehre offers all TUM students a comprehensive program of courses to enhance their learning skills. Course content ranges from self-management, self-motivation and methods for planning and managing time for work processes to tips on how to effectively review course content and identify most important concepts. More information about the available courses.

As part its "Successful Study" program, the TUM Carl von Linde Academy also offers courses aimed at enhancing learning skills. Contact Bettina Hafner for details.

Additional training and education opportunities and aid programs for outstanding students in all disciplines can be found on our pages on scholarships and awards.

At the Carl von Linde Academy, students learn key skills beyond the disciplinary constraints of their field of study. The program Science – Technology – Society offers interdisciplinary skills modules and public lecture series. 

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