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The Technical University of Munich is a global marketplace of knowledge. A place where we actively promote creativity.

At TUM, talents from all over the world come together to inspire each other, learn from one another and create innovations together. Our mission? As one of Europe’s most outstanding universities in research and innovation, we find solutions to the most important scientific and social challenges of our time.

We value the diversity of talents, perspectives and experiences of each individual, we draw inspiration, motivation and creative energy from one another as members of a vivacious university community.

President Technical University of Munich

TUM facts and figures

Nobel Prizes
Start-ups a year

What matters to us

People, society and nature are at the heart of everything we do. We set the highest standards of performance in research, teaching and innovation. We foster a culture of openness, appreciation and diversity and shape societal transformation.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to actively promoting a non-discriminatory university culture of appreciation.


We are setting an example in research, teaching, innovation and change and thus contribute to global sustainability efforts.


Our academic creativity benefits from our transparency, integrity and values.


We promote the well-being of our students and employees with opportunities for sports, counseling services and courses.

Excellence in research, teaching and innovation

In 2019, we secured the title “University of Excellence” for the third time in succession. With the funding, we can now implement our institutional strategy: the TUM Agenda 2030. To ensure that we continue to be successful in the future, we are transforming TUM. Our 15 departments will be transformed into 7 schools, which will be interconnected via Integrative Research Institutes.

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Interview with university president Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann

“Progress is the result of the open exchange”

In this interview, President Thomas F. Hofmann talks about important future topics at TUM: the introduction of interdisciplinary schools, greater exchange with students, and the strategic network with industry and international partners.

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Get to know us

Our campus locations

TUM extends far beyond Munich with its sites in Garching, Weihenstephan, Straubing and Heilbronn. We also have campuses, offices and representative bodies on other continents around the globe.

Get to know our campus locations

Schools and research centers

Schools and departments form the academic foundation of our university, connected by integrative research institutes at the interfaces between disciplines. Through their networking, we are building a matrix organization for innovation in research and teaching.

Overview: Schools and research centers

Our professors

Our faculty of excellent scientists includes over 600 professors, with the share of women among them constantly increasing.

Our professors

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Video portrait: 150 years culture of excellence

Founded in 1868 as Polytechnic School, the Technical University of Munich has become one of Europe’s best universities.

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