Our mission statement: We invest in talents. Recognition is our return.

1. Support and enable an innovative society

Reflecting its fundamental mission to serve society, Technische Universität München (TUM), is committed to progress and innovation in the fields of science that promise sustainable improvement in how people and society live. Out of our sense of responsibility for future generations, we have established interdisciplinary research areas in: Health & Nutrition • Energy & Natural Resources • Environment & Climate • Information & Communications • Mobility & Infrastructure.

2. Aim for the highest international standards

At TUM, we measure our scientific, structural and organizational performance according to the best international standards. Therefore we build international networks and draw on international alliances with leading teaching and research institutions to define our benchmarks. And our “Emerging Field Policy” has opened up new fields of development between science and industry.

3. Foster an open, culturally diverse mindset

At TUM, we view internationality as a mindset connecting our home with the world. We welcome talent from all over the globe. Based on a liberal set of values grounded in an enlightened society, our open-minded network promotes respect for the cultural identity of people in other regions and cultures of the world. With our international presence in science and technology, we want to foster better understanding between nations.

4. Encourage ethical awareness in young talent

Our focus is on our young talents. They are shaping the future. We support them in achieving their own potential and promoting their individual talents by integrating them in an environment populated by experienced and accomplished senior scientists. Our educational goals include professional expertise, good judgment and a sense of responsibility. Intellectual and emotional creativity, cultural sensitivity and social skills are as important to us as professional confidence and entrepreneurial courage. We offer targeted support for the most gifted young scientists through the TUM: Junge Akademie, the TUM Graduate School, and the TUM Institute for Advanced Study.

5. Think and act like an entrepreneur

TUM is committed to the concept of a competitive, entrepreneurial university. We proactively bring results from fundamental research into market-oriented innovation processes and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in all aspects of university life. We encourage TUM members to found growth-oriented startups and support them with non-bureaucratic services until they achieve a strong foothold in their market. Our entrepreneurial activities are clearly geared towards taking a leadership role in Europe through the foundation of research-based technology startups.

6. Creating Value by Living Our Values

TUM esteems variety, diversity and individuality within the family. This culture of appreciation adds significantly to our creation of values. We actively promote equal opportunities for women and men. We are also determined to become Germany’s most attractive technical university for women. As a family-oriented university, we invest in balancing family life, study and a professional needs. Our focus is firmly on our young talent.

7. Engaged in dialogue with society and the general public

TUM is responsible for encouraging dialogue in society. Our aim is to equip our students with the capacity to accompany social change with a sense of responsibility. Our broad portfolio including the TUM School of Education, the TUM School of Management and the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), coupled with our role as supporting university of the Hochschule für Politik – Bavarian School of Public Policy, give us a unique framework for holistic evaluation and steering processes. We actively seek out dialogue with the general public. Society should know what we are working on in science and technology for our future, and how we are preparing young people for tomorrow’s challenges. Dialogue with society helps us align our research and teaching priorities.

8. Contract Between Generations

The TUM family profits from mutual support and networking between its members across disciplines, nationalities, and generations. It unites the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity of students, the creative spirit of graduates and the life experience of alumni in a worldwide network. We value the expertise of our TUM Emeriti of Excellence and their active participation as helpful advisors.