Services for our staff

Talent is our asset. The work environment at TUM is designed to help you make the most of your potential. We want you on board. As an entrepreneurial university, we are always looking to grow and improve.

New here?

To help you make yourself at homeas you start your new job, we have put together some information you may find useful, with tips on accommodations, red tape and more

Administrative services

Services and contact details: We offer a range of administrative services to make your job easier. We have compiled all the information you need here.  Administrative Services

Research funding

External funding, patents, start-ups: Discuss your funding and start-up needs with the team from TUM ForTe – the Office for Research and Innovation. More


Turning research into a business: Professional advice on turning promising research into a high-tech start-up. TUMentrepreneurship


Information and support from the University Library for publishing research results – whether as doctoral thesis or in an open access journal. Publishing

Research Data Management

Properly managing your research data is key to good scientific practice. The University Library offers information, advice and training on Research Data Management

Talent development

We can support your personal development goals with a range of training programs. These are designed to improve your teaching and managerial skills and broaden your academic horizons. More

Teaching excellence

We set extremely high standards for teaching quality: TUM supports its teaching staff with further training and prizes for outstanding teaching. You will find useful information, tips and materials plus plenty of inspiring ideas here. Teaching at TUM

Gender equality

Services, advice and infos on measures to enforce real equality of women and men at the university. Gender Equality Office

Family service

The university's family service offers employees advice on childcare, schooling or care for dependent relatives and more.

Working with disabilities

Special Needs • chronic illnesses • Disabled Persons Office • advice • hiring procedures • applying • barrier free access
Working with disabilities

Sport & well-being

Healthy body, healthy mind! Join the University Sports Center and make use of our occupational healthcare offering – including a massage service. More

IT services & support

Services at a glance: IT news • Information & support • IT services & system • Strategy & structure • Projects • IT Support facilities

Press & communication

Interfacing with the public: The Corporate Communications Center prepares press releases and content for the TUM website and reputable magazines.
Corporate Communications Center