TUM's international locations

TUM feels at home all over the world. It has offices and re­search centers on several con­tinents: Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. It initiates coope­rative research pro­jects and exchanges with scholars and students. As the first German uni­versity in 2002, it opened its own campus abroad: TUM Asia in Singapore.

The first campus of a German university abroad was founded in 2002 in Singapore: The German Insti­tute of Science and Tech­nology (GIST) - TUM Asia Pte. Ltd. - a wholly-owned subsi­­diary of TUM. GIST works closely with leading uni­ver­sities and companies in the region. Students from Asia, the U.S. and Europe come to GIST to study en­gineer­ing. Its appeal is its strong focus on man­age­ment skills, which best pre­pares them for a career in business. TUM Asia

European Alliance: TUM is a found­ing member of the EuroTech Uni­ver­sities Alliance based in Brussels, a strategic partner­ship of european tech­nical uni­ver­sities. They combine research excellence, tech­nological know-how and an entre­pre­neurial cul­ture. To­gether, they articulate an increasingly strong and clear voice within the changing research, in­novation and higher education land­scape in Europe and beyond. EuroTech Universities

In the Middle Kingdom, TUM has deepened and main­tained relations with its Chinese partner uni­versities and companies. Since 2006, TUM is re­pres­ented in the People's Republic of China. Together with Tongji Uni­versity, TUM offers a double degree in elec­trical engin­eering and infor­mation tech­nology. In 2009, TUM and Peking University agreed to commit to the exchange of students, researchers and administrative staff. The Liaison Office TUM Beijing has enrolled prom­ising Chinese students in Munich. Contact Beijing

TUM expan­ded its worldwide net­work to the Middle East and North Africa With the opening of its TUM Cairo office im 2012, the TUM Cairo office is a hub for net­working and mutual know­ledge transfer between one of Europe's top uni­versities and its partners in the region. More­over, it seeks to attract talen­ted students and re­searchers for TUM. The office is colloc­ated with other leading insti­tutions at the German Science Centre (DWZ) in Cairo, Egypt. Contact Cairo

To keep its finger on the pulse of Latin America, TUM has begun to oper­ate the Liaison Office in Sao Paulo since 2012. The Brazilian loc­ation aims to at­tract top scientists and out­­stand­ing students for TUM. From here, TUM also forges re­­search partner­­ships with uni­­versities and companies across the entire con­tinent, as Brazil is cur­rently exper­­iencing an economic and scientific boom. TUM’s office is lo­cated at the German House for Research and Innov­­ation (DWIH). Contact São Paulo

In the Indian city of Mumbai, TUM offers a first contact point for stu­dents, who want obtain a PhD or a master’s degree in Munich. Some of the leading tech­nology pro­viders in the global market place are based in India. To increase its presence in the enorm­ous Indian market, in late 2011, TUM opened its own office in Mumbai. Contact Mumbai

In the imme­diate vicin­ity to Silicon Valley, TUM opened its North American liaison office. It accom­panies partner­ships and cooper­ative projects in the US and contrib­utes to the recruit­ment of excellent students and research­ers. As an infor­mation hub, the office monitors develop­ments in science and education in North America. Contact San Francisco