TUM Start-up Consulting

TUM's start-up consultancy assists students, employees, scientists and alumni of the university on their way to founding innovative companies in all important phases - from idea and concept validation to market evaluation and creation of a business model to applying for funding.

Consulting Service of TUM Start-up Consultancy:

  • Specification of the business idea
  • Concept validation
  • Creation of a business model
  • Market preparation
  • Support with funding applications 
  • Pitch and pitch deck training
  • Mediation


The start-up consultancy is open to all members of the TUM. You can get advice if you are a student, scientist, employee or alumni (max. 5 years) of TUM. Unfortunately, external persons cannot use the consulting services.


Request for Initial Consultation

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Our TUM founders will tell you why the advice is worth it:

"The TUM start-up consultancy not only played a decisive role in our successful application for the EXIST start-up grant, which enabled us to test our ideas on the market and adapt them to product-market fit. We were also supported in the subsequent months during our market entry and a successful financing round, and we always have a reliable contact person."


"We couldn't have done it without start-up consultancy. It's exactly what your idea/business needs to take off in the beginning."


"The start-up consultancy and the associated support services have helped us a lot on the way to our own start-up. Not only was the valuable exchange of experiences with the TUM start-up network a great help, but the hands-on help with both the EXIST application and other funding were great. The enormously high success rate of TUM teams in EXIST applications is only possible because of the experience and unparalleled help of the startup advisors."


"The TUM start-up consultancy and the support from the Entrepreneurship Research Institute were a great help in the early days of our company - not only, but especially in overcoming the challenges and bureaucracy related to public funding."


Start-up Mentoring at TUM

In addition to the typical economic, technical and legal issues that start-up teams face, especially in the initial phase, there are a large number of project-specific challenges. The know-how that can be acquired in courses is often not enough. Start-up mentoring via the TUMentrepreneurship expert network picks up here and offers emerging start-up projects the opportunity to be accompanied on their way by hand-picked experts from the field over a longer period of time.


    • You benefit from the entrepreneurial experience and personal network of your menor/mentor.
    • You gain valuable know-how on how to deal with challenges in the start-up phase.
    • You further develop your competencies for strategic business planning.
    • You expand your network and build long-term partnerships.


    • You are studying or conducting research at TUM or have completed your studies a maximum of 5 years ago.
    • Your start-up project is in the early stages, but before market entry/start-up.
    • You have already successfully completed an initial consultation at TUM start-up support.

    Mentoring Request

    Use the contact form to register for the TUM start-up Mentoring.

    Founders about TUM Start-up Mentoring

    "We benefit from our mentor's many years of professional experience and can fall back on his advice at any time. Above all, Mr. Knippschild's large network was helpful for us, enabling him to provide us with useful contacts in the industry. This enabled us to expand our own network and get further valuable tips from experts."

    "The mentoring by our mentor Siegfried Foerg has complemented very well what we have acquired in theory through workshops and seminars. His experience as the owner of a manufacturing company has been particularly beneficial to us in the production preparations for our printer. The direct exchange, in terms of the practical implementation of our printer production, but also his entrepreneurial experience were always a helpful input."

    "Since our founding team was already quite well positioned, we initially thought that we didn't need start-up mentoring. It was only through the many discussions with Alan Solansky that we found out where we still needed to make adjustments at NavVis."

    "We at evalu benefit significantly from the experience of our mentor Christian Wolf in the field of production and marketing in the sports industry. In addition, we are allowed to use his contacts in the Asian cultural area and learn how business is done there. We enjoy meeting regularly and thus receive continuous feedback and valuable advice for our further development."

    "As an experienced entrepreneur and investor, our mentor Michael Streich helped to advance the strategic direction of our company by asking targeted questions and providing constructive feedback. His neutral perspective on the company was also a good basis for helpful discussions in difficult situations during the start-up process."

    Do you have any further questions?

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