TUM Entrepreneurship Day & TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award 2013

The first TUM Entrepreneurship Day was held in the main hall of the Department of Mechanical Engineering on November 20, 2013. In addition to several workshops on topics surrounding “Starting a business,” attendees had the opportunity to learn about what TUM, UnternehmerTUM and our partners, Evobis and CDTM, have to offer scientists and students interested in starting a business.

The winners: fos4X

The jury crowned fos4X the winner. The company was founded as a spin-off from the Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology. Certain in the knowledge that the energy revolution is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation, the jury was convinced that fos4X’s measurement systems would make a significant contribution in helping the world succeed in this Herculean task. Their technology allows you to measure the blade load on wind turbines. This helps optimize operational and maintenance costs, a turbine’s life expectancy, investment costs and the yield achieved by wind energy systems. fos4x offers additional fiber optic measurement technology systems as well, such as sensors for fiber-reinforced composites.


Teams that had already secured an initial funding round through private investors and whose business models could expect high potential for growth were nominated for the TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award.
Alongside fos4X, SurgicEye and ZS-Handling were also nominated. SurgicEye is produces medical technology and ZS-Handling produces systems that enable contactless handling of sensitive components.

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