The road to starting a business

Start-up advising at TUM helps university students, scholars and scientists on the road to starting innovative businesses, providing support throughout each important stage – from drawing up a business plan to market evaluation to applying for funding.

Business plan: We provide teams with support in developing their business ideas through workshops and seminars and by engaging with them one-on-one.

Funding: For innovative business start-up ideas, the TUM team provides start-up advice for applying for grants and funding, such as the EXIST Business Start-up Grant, EXIST Transfer of Research and the FLÜGGE funding program for entrepreneurs at TUM.

Patents and licenses: The Patent and Licensing Office is open to anyone affiliated with TUM who plans to apply for commercial property rights when founding their company, providing support in compiling a notice of an invention, assessing an invention in terms of its patentability and applying for a patent for the invention through TUM where applicable.

The TUM Start-up Advising team:

Florian Abendschein

As a TUM Start-up Advisor, Florian Abendschein guides students, scientists and TUM alumni along the path to realizing their ideas and concepts, from structuring the initial idea to the business plan to securing financing.

Florian Jäger

As a startup consultant Florian coaches young entrepreneurs and innovators along their early startup-journey: starting with the systemization of the idea to further advancement and securement of funding. Florian combines experiences founding his own company with consultant expertise in the fields of New Mobility, Smart Cities, Sustainable Development and Automotive. 

Margarete Weißmann

With Margarete you are in the hands of a specialist with more than 25 years’ professional experience in senior positions in marketing, sales and product management, in the field of medical technology and technical optics. Founding her own consulting company, she knows about the important steps to develop a successful company.