• 7/29/2012


TUM at the Documenta: Korbinian apples in Kassel

The Documenta 13 is showing a hidden treasure from the TUM's historical archives: The international exhibition of contemporary art in Kassel will present 402 apple drawings of the »apple pastor« Korbinian Aigner. The pastor and apple expert (1885-1966) painted the postcard-sized watercolors that show different types of apples.

“Korbinian apple”
“Korbinian apple” shown at the Documenta 13. (photo: Historical Archives of TUM)


900 references for classification 

Some of the apples are round and red striped, others pointed and pale, others green and flattened: From 1912 to 1960,  Korbinian Aigner painted around 900 watercolor-pictures of various sorts of apples and pears. Only one specimen of each of the approximately 900 pictures is preserved. They served as a reference to determine different types. Aigner left the picture collection to the Department of Pomology at the TUM. Under ward of the TUM's historical archives, the pictures will be digitized after  their return from the Documenta.

Documenta with an "ecological perspective"

The unique collection of images is part of an »ecological perspective«, by which the Documenta is trying to draw attention to the diversity of various plants and animals. Two apple trees are also part of the exhibition. Last autumn, they were planted in the outdoor area. One of them is a “Korbinian apple” named after Korbinian Aigner. The Documenta will be going on until September 16, 2012.

Contact of the TUM Historical Archive: Dr. Margot Fuchs, Phone (089) 289-22531, E-mail: margot.fuchs@tum.de. 

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