• 1/31/2012

Experimenting, Researching, Understanding:

TUMlab in the Deutsches Museum

<link http://www.tumlab.edu.tum.de/>TUMlab</link>, TU München’s student laboratory in the Deutsches Museum, gives children, teenagers, teachers and students the opportunity of literally “grasping” technology and research. They can immerse themselves in constructing, building, controlling and programming – hands-on science, in other words.

Pupils in front of computer
Pupils attending a astronomy class at TUMlab in the Deutsches Museum. (photo: Uli Benz)

How is a robot built and programmed? Where is which star in the sky? How do I control a production line? These are just a few of the questions to which the laboratory reveals the answers. Robotics, astronomy, automation and chemistry are part of the spectrum of courses designed for all kids aged 10 years and over who are bursting with curiosity. School classes in particular take advantage of the courses, the venue in the Deutsches Museum being the special attraction because the subject-matter dealt with in the courses can be backed up and consolidated in the exhibitions, which may also present things from a slightly different angle.

The laboratory is a joint venture resulting from the collaboration between TU München and the Deutsches Museum. It belongs to the TUM School of Education, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Advanced Training set up in 2009. The TUMlab is accordingly involved in the training of student teachers, some of whom run several of the courses in the laboratory along with students from other departments. We are continually looking for academic assistants for these tasks: Working at TUMlab.

TUMlab im Deutschen Museum
Museumsinsel 1
80538 München
Email: kontaktspam prevention@tumlab.de

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