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Bavarian virtual university

Learning Studying the convenient way at the computer: the Bavarian <img name="req_tt_news_30506_short" src="typo3/clear.gif" class="t3-TCEforms-reqImg" alt="" />Virtual University (Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern - vhb) offers all students from the member universities free online lectures. About 270 courses are available during the summer term of 2012.

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There is a wide range of subjects: health and health care sciences, computer science, engineering, cultural sciences, teacher training, medical science, natural sciences, law, key qualifications, social work, social sciences, languages and economics.

More than 50,000 course enrolments

The Bavarian Virtual University is a network set up by the Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences. TUM is one of the member universities. There is an interdisciplinary, inter-university choice of subjects. In the winter term of 2011/12 more than 50,000 course enrolments were counted. All TUM students can use the services of the Bavarian Virtual University free of charge. Those doing advanced or vocational training can use the facilities for a fee.

For further details of the program of online courses look up www.vhb.org/kursprogramm 

To download the program, go to: http://www.vhb.org/pdf 

Please address any queries or suggestions to infospam prevention@vhb.org

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