• 6/10/2013

Mobility in Munich:

How do I obtain my semester ticket?

On October 1, 2013, the semester ticket will be introduced in Munich. Every student pays a solidarity contribution of 59 Euros and will be able to use the entire public transport network – with a voluntary charge even 24/7. But how to obtain the ticket? Stefan Bschorer of the student council (Fachschaftenrat) explains how easy it is (interview Verena Meinecke).

Portrait Stefan Bschorer
Stefan Bschorer of the student council of the TUM explains how easy it is to obtain the semester ticket in Munich. (Photo: private)

How do the students pay their semester ticket contribution to the TUM?

Every student pays 111 Euros to the Student Services for the renewal of matriculation. The sum includes a basic fee of 52 Euros plus a 59 Euro solidarity contribution for the basic semester ticket.

So the fee is paid together with the renewal of matriculation. Where do I get the ticket after transferring the money?

You take your student card to the TUM’s terminals where you update the card data. What is new is that a confirmation of payment for the solidarity contribution will be printed on the card. That’s all. When shown with a photo ID, this is a valid MVV-ticket.

The basic ticket allows you to use the entire MVV network from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and on weekends. If you pay a surcharge, you can use the ticket without any restrictions – 24/7.

The additional fee of 141 Euros is voluntary. The so-called IsarCard Semester allows you to use the whole network around the clock – including parts of Munich’s surrounding region: up to Moosburg in the north, to Erding, Markt Schwaben in the east and to Grafing, Holzkirchen or Geltendorf in the south.

Where do I get the IsarCard Semester?

The card will be available at the terminals of the MVG, the DB and the BOB, at the customer service centers and private selling points of the MVG and in the MVV’s regional buses. You only need to show your student ID respectively type in your matriculation number. The matriculation number will be printed on the IsarCard Semester.

Can I be exempted from the solidarity contribution?

An exemption is only possible for disabled people who have a certificate of disability that is valid for free public transport. Otherwise – as the name implies – it is a solidarity fee. A semester abroad is no reason for exemption either. Some might say “I don’t want this, because I have never used public transport” – but now they are able to try it freely in the evenings and without restrictions on weekends: A great offer!

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