• 6/10/2013

Blocking of the U6/B11:

To Garching by bike

Due to construction work, subway line U6 is closed for several months between Studentenstadt and Kieferngarten. Also, the main-road passage through Garching on the B11 is closed. A possible alternative to the rail replacement services is to go by bike. TUM student Verena Pongratz took to the saddle to check out two possible routes for us.

Cyclist at the Isar
Cycling to Garching is a sporty alternative to the rail replacement services. (Photo: Verena Pongratz)

Tour 1 – Starting at the city center, Odeonsplatz: approx. distance 20 km, duration 50 minutes

"We started our first tour at the Odeonsplatz. From there, we went from the Hofgarten to the English Gardens towards Kleinhesseloher See – and then through the northern part of the English Gardens to Aumeister. From there, the cycle path leads you past the buildings of the BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk). This is where we reached the Isar cycle path, which leads you right along the river Isar for several miles. It's a nice ride: There is no car to be seen and the Isar murmurs pleasantly in the background.

Just follow the signs

Here, the cycle route to Garching is signposted well – you can hardly get lost. Our route took us up to Ismaning, from where we followed the signs and passed the “Mühlenpark” beer garden. After we passed the city’s fruit garden we turned left again and followed a small brook, which was very idyllic. The final stretch led us along the subway tracks. Then, after about 20 kilometers, we reached our goal: the research center in Garching.

Conclusion: We didn’t take the fastest possible route – which would lead along the Freisinger Landstraße – but clearly the most beautiful one. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you would want to take this route to and back every day. We were underway for about 50 minutes. Definitely a nice additional sports program."

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, the cycle path along the Isar is currently partially damaged due to floods – please be careful on this route! To stay informed on the current status please check on our web-pages www.tum.de/u6sperrung

Tour 2 – Starting in the north of the City, ZHS Connollystraße: approx. distance 17 kilometers, duration 40 minutes

"This time we started at the University Sports Center in the Connollystraße. From there, we headed to the north of the Olympiapark until we reached the Moosacherstraße. It continues named Frankfurter Ring, which we had to follow for a while. This was not exactly the most beautiful part of our tour, but it soon became a lot better. We turned left into Ungererstraße and rode on to subway station Freimann.

From there, the cycle path to Garching is very well signposted. It leads along the tracks and past subway station Kieferngarten – an entire construction site. Then we went on straight to Fröttmaning and made a short stop at the Allianz Arena.

Reward yourself with some ice cream

After the Arena, the route becomes nicer and nicer. We followed the signs and rode past a sheep pasture and some fields that line the subway tracks. We went straight on until we passed the Schleißheimer Kanal and then turned right. We turned left onto the first country lane and followed it to where it crosses the Schleißheimerstraße and becomes the Am-See-Straße. We rode past the Garchinger See, which is a perfect place to take a break and reward yourself with some ice cream.

From Lake Garching, there are only a few more kilometers left to the end of the route. We followed the cycle path that leads along the highway, crossed the Freisinger Landstraße and just had to turn left once more. From there, the large meteorological tower at the TUM Garching is already to be seen.

We were underway for about 40 minutes and cycled just under 17 kilometers. The route is not quite as nice as the first tour along the river Isar, but we were a little faster."

Verena Pongratz (21) is from Munich and studies Scientific Basics of Sport Science at the TUM in her fourth semester.

  • More information about the closures of the U6 and B11:   www.tum.de/u6sperrung

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