• 06/10/2013

Re-enrollment is due on August 15:

Contribution reduced to 111 Euros

In Bavaria, there are no tuition fees any more. The new contribution for winter semester 2013/2014 is 111 Euros – including 52 Euros for the student union and 59 Euros as a solidarity contribution for the basic semester ticket. This sum will be forwarded to the public transport providers.

Students in university building
The new contribution for winter semester 2013/2014 is 111 Euros. (Photo: Astrid Eckert/Andreas Heddergott)

The time frame for the renewal of matriculation ends on August 15, for freshers on September 15, 2013. First, your payment must be transferred to our account. Only then will you be able to print out your latest study documents (confirmation of enrollment and period of study/ Studienverlaufsbescheinigung) or to register for courses or exams.

An exemption of the duty to pay the semester ticket fee can only be made for disabled people who have a certificate of disability that is valid for free public transport.

For more information on how to receive the semester ticket and further details about the upgraded MVV ticket please refer to the interview with Stefan Bschorer, Chairman of the TUM’s student council.


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